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Onions are included in every vegetable while it is prepared. In India people use onions while cooking. Raw onions are also eaten in salads. Onions and their recipes are many and people use onions according to their needs and taste.

 The best benefits of onions are to be known too. By knowing the best benefits of onions you can use them more appropriately. Onions are a good source of many things and it is important to know their uses. Let us talk about some of the good benefits of onions.

This blog will share the best onion benefits with you. You can use them and you have the benefits for your overall health. Onion hair oils are very used as they help in hair growth. Along with that in other forms too you can use onions. Let us start discussing the 10 benefits of onions.

Types of onions and their nutrients.

The types of onions and their nutrients are shared as follows and you can check them. Use the different types of onions and have their best use.

1.White onions and nutrition-

Calories- 43

Carbohydrates-9.4 g

Protein- 1.2 g

Fibre- 1.2 g

Total fat- 0 g

2.Yellow onions

Calories- 44

Carbohydrates-11 g

Protein- 1.2 g

Fibre- 3 g

Total fat-  0 g

3. Red onions

Calories- 42

Carbohydrates-11 g

Protein- 2 g

Fibre- 2 g

Total fat-  0

These are the nutritional values of onions depending on their type. You can use them appropriately by choosing the best onion types. Make your diet delicious with good onions.

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Onions and their top health benefits.

Onions can be very good for your health. The main health benefits of onions are discussed here in this section. Check out the best health benefits of onions by reading below.

1.Weight loss- The weight loss journey of yours  can get a great benefit by adding onions to your diet. A researcher noticed that people who were overweight observed a decrease in their weight after consuming onions for a short time span. It is good to reduce abdominal visceral fat with the help of onions.

2.Blood sugar regulation- The blood sugar can be regulated by eating red onions. Onions can lower the blood sugar after 4 hours of consumption. You can utilise the best benefit of onion by having red onions. Add them in your diet. The compound quercetin in onions is the main reason for this.

3.Bone density- By consuming onions you can take care of your bones. The bone density is maintained by using onions. In pre or post menopausal women, onions can help them avoid the risk of hip fracture. Onion juice can be consumed for good effects.

4.The antibacterial action- Onions are antibacterial and they are used in treatment for colds and coughs because of  this nature. Quercetin is a flavonoid that is present in onions which is effective against microbes.

5.Anti cancer property- The anticancer property of onions is famous too. Using onions in a diet can help in reducing chances of colorectal cancer. The detailed mechanism behind their anticancer properties is still to be examined yet.

6.Onions have antioxidant compounds- Onions are rich in antioxidants. They help in reducing inflammation and also they help in managing oxidative stress. Long term chances of diabetes and cancer are decreased. You can use them as they have 25 flavonoids in them. They are good for your health.

7.Good gut health- Onions being rich in fibre are good for our gut. The non digestible fibre of onion is digested by bacterias of our get and they get the best energy to work and multiply. This enhances the gut functions and it’s good for immunity too.

8.Packed with nutrients- Onions are a good source of nutrients. They have more nutrients and less calories. You can use them as they are rich in potassium and manganese. Potassium helps in managing the fluid in and out of your cells. Manganese helps in prevention of blood clots and also helps in lowering chances of osteoporosis. For better health tips read here – Shareer mein vitamin ki kami hone par kya karen

9.Vitamin C intake- You can get the intake of vitamin C by using onions. Onions are good source of vitamin C. The immunity boosting properties of vitamin c are well known. Safeguard your health and use onions in your diet.

10.Anti inflammatory action- Onions can reduce the inflammation and they can help in getting better health. Use onions for their anti-inflammatory actions.

Onions and their health benefits makes them a good constituent. One can use onions for amazing results. Choose onions and then have all these health benefits.

Healthy onion recipes.

The best and healthy onion recipes that you should know about are shared as follows and you can check them out. Have the best onion recipes and try them.

  1. Onion veggies sandwich- Sandwiches are good for breakfasts and they are useful. One can easily prepare an onion sandwich at home. Add some veggies along with onions and enjoy.

2.Onion salad- Salad of onions along with good vegetables and corn can be a delicious one. Use good vegetables and make your onion  salad perfectly. You can use the salad at noon or with meals.

3.Onion soup- Make the onion soup for your best health and have best results. Onion soup can be cherished with amazing veggies.

Try these healthy onion recipes and then make your health great. Add onions of different types for best taste.


Onions can be really beneficial. If you are wondering about the top health benefits of onions then you need to know about the best health benefits by reading this blog. Onions are good for gut health, inflammation, cold and cough , bones , etc. Eating onions can reduce risk of cancer too. Manage your weight with the help of onions . Choose the best onions and then have the best results. You can read this blog for knowing about best and healthy onion recipes. Check the blog and add onions in your diet today!


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