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Summary: Microsoft Outlook is a popular email software used by large enterprises and individuals all over the world. It keeps the email sending and receiving platform stable and safe. Outlook also lets users manage their calendars, keep track of tasks, and save contacts.]


If you use Microsoft Outlook frequently, though, you are probably already aware of the issues with duplicate items and attachments. It slows down work, causes confusion, and takes up a lot of space on your email server. As a result, this blog offers ways to get rid of redundant emails in Outlook 365. Additionally, customers can eliminate duplicate emails from Outlook PST files by utilizing the expert Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool.

How Can I Get Rid of Outlook Duplicate Items?

You can quickly eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook using a few different methods. Here, we go over all of the manual and expert processors in detail. You are free to select any of the techniques they are all dependable and simple to use. Still, you can use the automatic approach if you find that the manual approaches are ineffective.

Method 1: Use Outlook to Delete the Duplicate Email item from the Account Settings.

  1. Open File > Info > Account Settings after logging into your Outlook account.
  2. Go through the emails in “Account Settings” and choose the ones that have the same appearance.
  3. To highlight and remove duplicate emails, click on them. Then, click the Remove option.
  4. You can now manually remove duplicate items by using this process.

Method 2: To Get Rid of Duplicate Items from Outlook Mailboxes, use Import/Export.

  1. Open a file in Outlook after logging in, select Open & Export, and then select Import/Export.
  2. Select Import to File and press the Next menu item.
  3. After choosing an Outlook data file (.pst), click Next.
  4. Select “Do Not Import Duplicates” from the ensuing dialog and press the Next button.
  5. Select the directories you wish to import, and then save the files without any duplicates.

Method 3: Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook by using the Inbox Clean Up Option.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and select Clean Up from the home screen.
  2. At this point, choose one of the alternatives listed:

Clean-Up Conversation: It will eliminate unnecessary emails from the exchange.

Clean Up Folder: This allows you to remove duplicates from a specific folder.

Clean Up Subfolders and Folders: To remove duplicate things from a subfolder or folder as a whole.

  1. Lastly, delete duplicate items permanently by going to the Deleted Items folder.

The Drawbacks of Manual Methods

The aforementioned methods are trustworthy and safe. However, you should be aware of their limits if you want to use manual approaches. It can, however, result in a number of issues, some of which are listed below.

  • People who are not technical should not use these procedures.
  • The manual method’s steps are a little difficult to follow.
  • Users can have performance issues with the Clean Up procedure, which could result in data loss.
  • It is not possible to manually count the exact number of duplicates in the mailbox.

You can switch to a professional service to get over these issues. because it offers excellent protection along with a user-friendly interface and is dependable.

Method 4: Automated Method for Eliminating Identical Items from Outlook Emails

The safest and most dependable program is Softaken PST File Duplicate Remover Software. Delete duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, journals, and tasks from your mailbox using this highly effective application. Users can easily locate duplicate emails in Outlook with the software’s assistance. With the least amount of difficulty, this tool can give you the greatest and most hassle-free experience. Any duplicate item can be quickly removed to make mailbox space available. Additionally, you can Delete/Eliminate Similar Emails From PST Folders & Files simultaneously.

To eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook 365 with attachments, follow the guidelines provided below.

  1. Launch the PST File Duplicate Remover after installing it.
  2. Choose between the directories for single and many files, navigate the software interface, and press the Next button.
  3. Next, choose the Outlook PST folders from the interface’s tree structure.
  4. Select Next after viewing the email preview that includes attachments.
  5. Use the Mail and Task Filter to help you determine the date in this wizard, then click the necessary options to get rid of the duplicates.
  6. Click the Specify Duplicate Criteria button after choosing to search for duplicate items within the folder or search for duplicates across PST files.
  7. Click on the Mail, Calendar, Task, and Contact buttons to confirm the standards for eliminating redundant emails.
  8. Choose the appropriate action by going to Choose Action on Duplicate Emails.
  9. Select the folder you want to store and click the Path to Store option.
  10. To start the process, click the Next button at the very end.

Duplicate email addresses in Outlook can be easily removed by following the steps mentioned above. The procedure is easy to follow, safe, and hassle-free. Your original folder organization and data integrity will be preserved by this utility.


We’ve already covered how to get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook 365 in the context above. There are various approaches, and you are free to select the one that works best for you. They are dependable and safe, but for the highest level of comfort and safety, we advise using an automated solution. One option for resolving duplicate item issues in Microsoft Office 365 is this program. It has the nicest user interface, and to learn more, you can also use the tool’s demo version.

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