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In this article, clients will discover the insights of ease of account receivable services with Accounting byte. Read the complete article to grab their useful features for your business.

Before moving to the account receiveable (A/R) services of the firm, you must know about the company’s profile and vision.

What is Accounting byte?

Accounting byte is a UK-based business consulting and outsourcing service provider company, established in 2004. Their services are available in India, the UK, the US, and the Phillippines with a pool of more than 5000 expert professionals to manage the diverse requirements of a business. the vision of the company is to be the leader of the IT solutions industry and the most trusted name for clients who seek innovative solutions for business needs.

What type of accounts receivable services are provided here?

Account receivable (A/R)  is an intricate process that involves simplifying billing procedures for collecting a company’s money on time. An account receivable service refers to a third-party firm that is excellent in managing the  A/R services and helps to expand your business profits.  Accounting byte furnish an augmented cash recovery process with additional benefits, mentioned below –

  • Preparing A/R reports and billing composition
  • A/R deduction management
  • Revenue accounting and recording
  • Entry of receivable transactions into the company’s accounting system
  • Subsidiary receivable records management
  • Periodic statements preparation and delivery
  • Release of credit memos and return customer approved checks
  • Executing customer approved process adjustments
  • Resolving short account pays and involving cash received to customer accounts

What sort of Account receivable services software are used?

To furnish the cash flow management and satisfy clients, Accounting byte has designed the best A/R software to track and recover the amount efficiently. The software access provides a fast, accurate, and automated A/R administration process of self-invoicing and its collection process.  Here is the list of best A/R software used by Accounting byte –

  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Myob
  • Ezycollect
  • Checkmark
  • Avaza
  • Onguard
  • Plooto
  • Paidyet
  • Sage
  • Netsuite
  • Goto billing 

Trusted Features

The prime feature of Accounting byte is the customized solutions for every client. This feature not only satisfies clients but also assists in different business aspects. Following are the other unique features that make it a preferred choice for outsourcing A/R services for your business.

  • Simple document fetching process –  the company provides a universal document archive, for essential customer service documentation. The best part is that all the needed documents and other data are easily fetched by an ordinary web browser.
  • Fast execution of information – swapping of important information is executed fast here. Clients receive immediate access to complete documents in image format, including printing, mailing, and electronic transfer.
  • Data Protection – the entire A/R service is executed with data confidentiality. The high data security standards assure clients of their secured data and protect data against breaching or unethical use.
  • Superior services –  various quality enhancement programs and TQMs are executed on regular time intervals to provide all the services of superior quality.

For more information, explore the Accounting Byte website. 

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