2 Simple Techniques for Adding Numerous VCF (vCard) Contacts into 1

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Merge Multiple VCF file to Single VCF

Are those VCF files familiar to you? They are digital address books that include contact details, including names, emails, and addresses, about people you know. However, it might get daunting if you find yourself with several of these files. That’s why combining them into one is useful. There are other methodologies to merge VCF files into one, as shown in this article. To do the same, users can, as an alternative, utilize the WholeClear VCF Merger Tool.

Sharing it with others is simple. It also functions on many PCs and phones. You can transfer your contacts between devices with ease. To learn how to simplify your life and maintain the organization of your digital address book, keep scrolling.

What Makes Users Desire to Combine Many VCF Files into One?

Let’s examine why combining those VCF files into one is a smart idea.

  • Your contacts should be kept in a single, comfortable file. But it saves time and makes sure you don’t misplace important contacts.
  • Sharing contacts becomes simple when they are all bundled into a single file.
  • Keeping all of your contacts in one location minimizes the chance of losing important information and facilitates backup.
  • To make transferring your contacts easier, just put all of them into one file.
  • When your contacts are combined, it’s easier to discover, manage, and update them.

Let’s get started on mixing those VCF files now that you understand why it’s the wisest course of action.

How to Combine Every VCF File Into One: A Paid and Free Approach

There are two methods for us to jumble those VCF files. To begin with, make a folder on your computer. Put all of your VCF or vCard files together in a new folder. Now, adhere to these easy steps:

Manual Techniques for Combining VCF Files

  • First, press the computer’s Start button.
  • Proceed to the command prompt next.
  • Choose Run as administrator when you right-click on it after that.
  • Type the location of your hidden vCard files in the Command Prompt.
  • Proceed to open the folder containing your vCard files.
  • Enter the following code now: “copy *.vcf xyz combined vCard.vcf” (insert the desired filename for “xyz combined vCard” instead of “xyz combined vCard”).

A simple piece of advice: Use the most successful strategy to combine VCF files into one if the manual method isn’t suitable for your purposes. The next section will address the same.

#2. In only a few minutes, combine many VCF files into one

A sophisticated and all-inclusive way for Adding Numerous VCF (vCard) Contacts into one to use the WholeClear Merge vCard Software. Because it can merge files that are larger than the allowed size limit, this program is quite profitable at storing huge, bulky files. Furthermore, the file size is unrestricted. All varieties of Windows machines are compatible with this program. We’ll talk about this utility’s operation in the paragraphs that follow.

How to Consolidate All VCF Files Into One:

  • Start by downloading and opening the VCF merging application on your computer.
select vcf files
  • Add the files you wish to combine after that.
  • After selecting the location of your files, just click Open.
  • Give it a minute! The program is looking through your folder.
select output destination
  • Next, select the destination path for your newly combined file.
  • Additionally, choose which files to combine.
  • Ultimately, you will get a flawlessly combined VCF file.
click on process now

Final Thoughts

We must now summarize the blog in its entirety. We start by giving you a thorough overview of vCard files. Here are a few typical justifications for combining multiple VCF files into one after that. The difference between the two approaches is therefore immediately apparent: automatic and manual. Depending on where you are most at ease performing, you can select them.

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