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This submission is ideal for you if you’re looking for a reliable way to transform emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to PST files. We’ll stroll you through the expert-encouraged strategies in this technical post, along with statistics on the best expert Thunderbird Converter software for difficulty exporting Thunderbird emails to PST files.

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Reasons to Changing MBOX to PST with Attachments

  • If you are switching from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook as your primary email client, you’ll want to convert your Thunderbird emails to PST before you can import them into Outlook. This guarantees that your emails will nonetheless be viewable while you switch to Outlook.
  • Converting Thunderbird emails or folders to PST format produces a suitable file that can be easily shared and imported into Outlook. That’s beneficial in case you want to proportion positive emails or folders with Outlook clients.
  • Thunderbird e-mail export to PST is important to ensure an unbroken transition if your organization is shifting to a brand new e-mail device that utilizes Outlook or wishes emails in PST format.

Manual Method to Changing MBOX to PST with Attachments

  • Select the emails or folders you want to export from Thunderbird.
  • Right-click and choose “Save” to save the selected emails to your computer as EML files.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • In Outlook, create a new folder for the Thunderbird email import.
  • To upload EML format out of your PC folder to Outlook’s freshly created folder, just drag and drop it there.
  • Your Thunderbird emails could be imported into Outlook as a result.

Automated Method to Changing MBOX to PST with Attachments

We define each expert and manual strategy for changing MBOX format to PST. Because the guide technique has a lot of drawbacks, we advise using the Dailysoft MBOX to PST converter. Bulk file exporting is possible. You can also make use of this technique with the self-belief that your statistics are blanketed. The uploaded format’ preview has been displayed via the software.

Follow the steps.

  • Select the mail source: The first desire is to pick out “MBOX File Format (.Mbox)” from the listing of alternatives.
  • Select the “Next” tab.Step-1
  • Select Folder Containing MBOX Files (recursive): This alternative is meant to select directories containing MBOX format.
  • Pick Multiple MBOX File(s): This option lets users pick out MBOX files for my part as opposed to unexpectedly.
  • As the chosen format is uploaded, click on the “Next” button.Step-2
  • Select “Convert to PST File Format (.PST)” among the available alternatives.
  • After that, click on Next to open a new window.Step-2
  • Output Location: Click the “Browse” option to find a suitable place to store the output information domestically.
  • Finally, use the “Convert Now” choice to automate the changing process.Step-4


Many users who need to increase their productivity will find out that moving from Thunderbird to Outlook is essential. This put-up is particularly for those who want to recognize a way to export Thunderbird files to PST files. We’ve mentioned many alternatives for accurately exporting Thunderbird information to a PST file. However, we exceptionally encourage clients to check third-party conversion softwares’ unfastened variations before making a decision.

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