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Brickwork Croydon


For making beautiful garden walls, and structure of brickwork Croydon is gaining popularity. The aviation industry of Croydon has a special place among all other sectors. As Croydon lies in London, it has a history of architecture. From the ancient Roman culture to the modern world, it plays a critical role in brickwork. Long back, the people of the city made things with bricks. They take clay by digging into the ground. Then they heat this on fire and make a brick. So, bricks are not just pieces of clay. These are the building blocks. Without bricks, the construction of the building is incomplete.

What is brickwork?

Brickwork is the construction of structures using bricks as a main element. In these bricks are joined together horizontally using a strong material like mortar. One brick is laid above the other and so on. This process will make a structure that is called a brick masonry wall. If we look back into history, we will get to know that brick was the oldest material used in construction.

This is because it is the most durable material for walls. Pillars, foundations, and also for road manufacture. The length of the brick is almost 8 inches, and its width is 4 inches, but different countries have their different standards of size.

Types of Bricks Used in Brickwork Croydon:

Red brick style is the most common type of brick used in the construction process. This is typically used for homes. However, according to various materials, there are many other bricks. Material and method of construction are a notable point for any category of brick. This is just a block but when we join them together, they make a stronger structure. In Croydon, many innovations occur in brickwork but because of its aesthetic look, it remains the choice of every era. These days bricks are differentiated by their material. Some types of bricks are used in brickwork.

Burnt Clay Brick:

This is the oldest type of brick. It can be seen in many old buildings that have now become hereditary material. So, when we look at any ancient building, it is confirmed that the ancient populations have also used brick for the brickwork in their homes. These can be made by using wet clay. The clay is converted into a mold and pressed to give it a proper shape. After this, these bricks are dried and fired in a kiln. Their appearance looks like a hardened form of clay that has a red color.

These bricks are made in four classes, 1 to 4. First-class brick is used mostly because it is the finest brick. The reason is these are durable and give a stronger appeal. These can be seen on walls and columns.

Mud Bricks:

This type of brick was also used many years ago. It is also referred to as the sun-dried brick because after shaping the clay, it is dried in the sun instead of the oven. After the bricks are dried, they are gathered together with more mud.

Calcium Silicate Brick:

Another name for this is sand lime bricks. The materials used in the production of sand brick are sand, ash, and lime. Pigments are used often to give a specific color to the brick. After mixing the mixture, pressure is given to give the material the shape of a brick. The procedure of drying the sand brick in a kiln or oven is different from the mud or clay bricks. In the construction of sand brick, the material is dried through a chemical reaction. This reaction occurs during the drying of brick with the heat and pressure. There are many benefits of this type of brick, some of which are.

  1. Uniform shape
  2. Strength
  3. Unique color
  4. Fewer requirements
  5. Easy construction
  6. Contain salt and mineral

Concrete Bricks:

As the name shows, this type of brick is made from concrete which is dipped into the frame.  Typically, these are used for interior wall construction, but now to give more aesthetic appeal to the exterior, the use of concrete brick has become popular among house owners and also in commercial buildings, mostly for fences and the front side of the house. This can also be created in all colors according to someone’s choice during manufacturing. These can be used for all structures except for underground, as these are absorbent.

Why Choose Brickwork in Croydon:

These are some reasons for using brickwork in Croydon.


With a variety of color options, bricks give an aesthetic look to the property.


Bricks can absorb moisture which helps in the control and maintenance of temperature. It also keeps humidity under the control range.

Fire Safety:

After drying properly and becoming a solid structure, brick can resist fire for almost 8 hours. Which means it can save lives in case of a fire breakout.


In Croydon, the use of bricks is of high importance. Many brick workers are available in the city. They will guide about the most suitable brickwork that one should go for their homes or other land. To choose the best quality brick for brickwork, one should search and give preference to quality material.

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