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Summary:- Are you using Google Takeout to save data in Outlook supported format? If yes, then you are on the right page. As we know, there is no direct method for the batch conversion of data. To accomplish tasks with utmost security, we’ll introduce experts’ recommended automated solution in order to download MBOX to PST in order to open Google Takeout data in Outlook format. Without any further ado, lets’ start the blogpost by knowing the overview of Google Takeout & Outlook supported PST file format.

Google Takeout is a free service developed by Google for downloading data of all Google services like Gmail, Photos, Map and many more within a few clicks. Also, you can archive the document locally on the system and can easily transfer to anywhere, ensuring greater control over data and take backup once needed.

Outlook is an email client developed by Micrsoft used for communication purposes like sending and receiving emails. Also, you have facility of saving calendar data, assigning tasks, creating notes for future reference when needed. Moreover, it can be integrated with Exchange Server and sharepoint for multiple users at a same time, provides features like shared mailboxes, etc.

Common Reasons to Open Google Takeout data in Outlook Format

There are several features which Outlook provides, can be beneficial for several reasons. We have compiled few important points that are listed below

  • If someone wants migration from Google to Outlook, then converting Takeout data in Outlook supported format facilitates in seamlessly transfer contacts, emails, tasks, etc.
  • Most of the user prefers backup of data for archival or documentation, if Google server is down or something happens to Google account.
  • Outlook is widely accessible across different platforms or devices, making it convenient choice among users, ensures compatibility with other softwares.
  • If someone who completely rely on Microsoft based service like Exchange, Office 365, they find it convenient to have their data in Outlook file format.
  • Outlook offers advanced features like scheduling emails, managing tasks, and managing tasks that helps user. By transferring Takeout data in Outlook format enhances the productivity and enhance the workflow of users.

Best Way to Batch Save Google Takeout data in Outlook format

Since there is no direct solution to overcome this problem. To complete the tasks while maintaining integrity, then you can rely on experts’ recommended automated solution.

Automated Solution to Save Bulk Takeout in Outlook Format

Considering the situation in the above paragraph, we cannot export data in batch. To mitigate this scenario, you can use RecoveryTools MBOX Converter where you can download data email data in batch along the preserving all email attributes and integrity. Also, smart filter option is available in the software, where you can download based on filters. Moreover, dual mode for adding mailbox file to convert in Outlook supported format.

Prime Features of Automated Solution

  • There is no restrictions on file size and the no of email messages.
  • You can browse and save resultant file into the location of your choice.
  • This tool is compatible with all major versions of Windows as well as Mac OS.
  • It can support all mailbox files from any webmail or email client
  • You can also convert MBOX to PDF, HTML, CSV and many more file formats.
  • There is no need for Outlook installation in order to download data.
  • Also, offers proper file naming convention to manage resultant data.

Steps to Download Google Takeout Data in Outlook using Automated Solution

  • Download & launch wizard
  • Add MBOX file using select file or select folder option
  • Check or uncheck required folder for selective backup of data
  • Choose PST from saving options list
  • Finally, select location and hit convert button to save Takeout data

Key Takeaways

In the above blogpost we cannot export data in batch using manual method. To overcome this circumstances, we have disclosed experts recommended automated solution to complete tasks with all integrity and attachments intact. Also, you can take trial version of the software to test the overall functionality of software.


Q-1. What is the best way to open MBOX file in Outlook?

  • You can manually perform this tasks, but that is time-consuming and more error prone. To complete tasks hassle-free opt for experts’ recommended automated solution.

Q-2. Can i export calendar and contacts data from Google Takeout?

  • Yes, within a few clicks using aforementioned utility, you can successfully download calendar events in ICS format and contact data in VCF format.

Q-3. What is Google Takeout?

  • Google Takeout is a service by Google to backup and download copy of Gmail service data Like Gmail, Contacts, Notes and many more.

Q-4. Can anyone use this utility?

  • Yes, with few technical hands-on anyone can easily access the software without any issue. 

Q-5. Can you provide me trial version of this automated software?

  • Yes, you can download few OST files for free, before proceeding to upgrade for licensed version

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