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In this blog, we’ll discuss how to get rid of duplicate emails with eM Client. Thus, if you are among the users who are having trouble removing duplicate emails from the eM Client email list, you should read this article from beginning to end. I’ll demonstrate how to get rid of duplicate emails in this section. I’ll now start the article.


Users can benefit from the removal of duplicate files in a variety of ways. As in, it occupies space within the systems. or improve the effectiveness of email programs like Windows Live Mail and eM Client. Because a large number of duplicate files can occasionally cause problems and slow down an email program,.

Which Way Is Best for Removing Duplicate Emails from the eM Client?

The Softaken EML File Duplicate Remover Software is a very helpful tool for Remove Identical eM Client Emails & Attachments. Users can add a whole folder at once with this app’s functionality, which allows for batch data loading. Additionally, you can choose more than one file at a time. Users can choose to move forward with appropriate selective deduplication. Let’s examine each of the utility’s features below:

Various Choices for Scanning Duplicate Emails

Options to identify duplicate emails are provided by the software. Two examples of such options are “search duplicate within the folders” and “search duplicate email across the folders.”

Filter Options are Available for Specific Duplicates.

Options for adding filters, such as date range, to, from, subject, and root folder, are provided by the software. Users will receive an optimized output that is devoid of duplicates following selective deduplication.

No Problems with File Size and an Independent Program

There are no restrictions on the size or dimensions of the email files that users can select. Additionally, users have the option to select files to deceive that often accept the EML format, such as Apple Mail, Dream Mail, Windows Live Mail, and eClient. The best thing is that installing any such application is not required.

The Program Email Duplicate Remover is Compatible with Windows.

The program works flawlessly with every version of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

How Can I Get Rid of Duplicate Emails in the eM Client? – Instructions

Follow these procedures one by one to de-duplicate the eM Client email list:

Step 1: Let’s get started with the EML File Duplicate Remover installation.

Step 2: Use the “Add files” and “Add folder” options to load the data.

Step 3: Select the precise files that require deduplication now that they are all visible on the screen.

Step 4: There are two options available for searching for duplicate emails: searching for duplicate emails inside folders and searching for duplicate emails outside of folders.

Step 5: You can also use filters like date range, to, from, subject, and root folder to search emails.

Step 6: Lastly, users need to select the “Remove” button after entering the saving location. Select the “Ok” tab to effectively complete the task. Users can also examine information on Notepad’s deduplication process here.


Once I’ve figured out the best method for removing duplicate emails from eM Client, users must now install the free demo version of the EML file Duplicate Remover in order to test it out for themselves. All users, regardless of whether they come from a technical or non-technical field, can implement this method. All versions of Windows OS (Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and many more) can execute the application. Users can now take advantage of a free demo by downloading the software on their Windows OS program.

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