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Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Dubai is an essential step for many individuals, whether they are applying for jobs, migrating, or fulfilling other legal requirements. Despite its importance, there are several misconceptions and myths surrounding the process of acquiring this certificate from Dubai. This article aims to clarify these misconceptions, provide a clear understanding of the process, and explain the purpose of the PCC.

What is a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate?

A Dubai Police Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by the Dubai Police Authority that states whether an individual has any criminal records in Dubai. It is often required by employers and immigration authorities to verify the criminal status of individuals. The certificate is applicable not only to residents of Dubai but also to those who have previously lived or worked there.

Misconception 1: The Process is Lengthy and Complicated

One common myth is that obtaining a PCC from Dubai is a lengthy and complicated process. In reality, the Dubai Police have streamlined the procedure to make it as quick and straightforward as possible. Applicants can apply for the PCC online through the official Dubai Police website or their smart app. The process involves filling out an application form, submitting the required documents (which typically include a copy of your passport and a recent photograph), and paying the application fee. In most cases, the certificate can be issued within 1 to 3 business days if there are no complications.

Misconception 2: You Must be Present in Dubai to Apply

Another widespread misconception is that one must be physically present in Dubai to apply for the PCC. This is not true. Non-residents or those who are currently outside Dubai can also apply for the PCC. The Dubai Police provides facilities for remote application, where you can submit your documents online or through a consulate and receive your clearance certificate via email or postal mail.

Misconception 3: PCC is Required for All Travel or Employment

It is often mistakenly believed that a Dubai PCC is required for all forms of travel or employment abroad. However, the necessity for a PCC varies depending on the country to which you are traveling or the employer’s requirements. It is important to verify whether a PCC is needed as part of your visa or employment application process specifically.

Misconception 4: A Criminal Record Means Automatic Rejection

Many assume that any criminal record indicated in the PCC will automatically disqualify them from employment or immigration. While a criminal record can impact such opportunities, its effect largely depends on the nature and severity of the offense, the specific job or country requirements, and the time that has passed since the offense. Employers and immigration authorities often consider these factors comprehensively.

Misconception 5: The PCC Covers Other Emirates

There is a myth that the Dubai PCC covers criminal records across all emirates in the UAE. However, the certificate issued by Dubai Police specifically covers records within Dubai only. If you need a clearance for other emirates, you should apply for a separate PCC from the respective emirate or a country-wide certificate from the UAE Ministry of Interior.

Misconception 6: PCC is Valid Indefinitely

Another important misconception to clarify is that the PCC does not have an indefinite validity period. Typically, the certificate is considered valid for six months from the date of issue, although this can vary based on the regulations of the country or organization requesting it. It’s crucial to check the current validity requirements and ensure your PCC meets them.


Obtaining a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate is a critical step for many individuals looking to work or live abroad. By addressing these common misconceptions and myths, applicants can approach the process with a clearer understanding and greater confidence. Always ensure to follow the latest guidelines provided by the Dubai Police and consult directly with their services or your local UAE consulate if you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions related to your situation.

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