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These days, with Screen Time addiction and social media scrolling, kids have the problem of low attention span and they suffer with concentration problems. They cannot concentrate on a single thing for a longer time which makes it difficult to study and many students find sitting in the same space for a longer time very difficult. In fact, the increasing amount of usage of mobile phones and tablets, or even iPads and laptops, have made children addicted to it which is why looking at books is a problem for them.

With this issue in mind, we have brought a blog to our readers about effective techniques Ritu will help you to boost your retention power and learning capacity. By the end of this blog, you will have interesting and powerful ideas that will help you to increase your learning capacity. This way you will even grasp your things faster and quicker and retain them in your mind for a longer period of time. So open your books, and let’s get going.

Effective Techniques to Enhance Learning and Studying

Below are some effective techniques to enhance your learning and studying experience. These techniques are generalized but feel free to personalize certain techniques that feels right for you and makes you comfortable enough. Remember, if you do not like studying, it is important to force yourself for a day or 2 into it and then make your peace with it.

Create a study schedule

You should always set aside dedicated time for studying every day. This will help you stay focused. This will also help you lead a productive and creative day. Because otherwise, you will be filled with regret and guilt at the end of the day thinking that you did not do the assigned work today. This way you can motivate yourself every day. Also read Transforming Learning: Proven Methods to Improve Education here.

Break it down

Divide your study material into manageable sections that will make it easier to learn. Make a schedule of learning a particular chapter in a few hours or a day. This way you will not overburden yourself and will be consistent in your work also.

Use active learning techniques

Engaging in such activities are very helpful. You can also try this technique where you use your dominant hand to point out the lines that you are reading while using the submissive hand to draw irregular patterns on a page with a pen. Many people find this technique very useful to remember stuff.

Find a conducive environment

It is said that you should never study where you sleep because your body is habituated towards that area as a sleeping area which is why it is said that you should always have a different study area because it provides a conducive environment and can minimize distractions. Plus it will be comfortable, but not comfortable enough that you would actually eventually fall asleep.

Take regular breaks

Always remember to take bras. Brakes will help prevent burnout. They will also make you productive and creative. You can have different activities during your break that will help you relax but you should definitely avoid screen time or phone during the breaks because this will only deteriorate your memory and relax your brain further. You can try different techniques for studying like 25 minutes of study with a five minute break.

Use visual aids

You can create mind maps or flashcards, even draw diagrams or look at visual videos or PPT that can help you visualize and remember information and other material from your notes. This way your visionary power and retention power will also increase. This is one of the proven ways of increasing a memory. They say that things that are seen are remembered for a longer time as compared to things that are read.

Practice retrieval

You should always practice retrieval. Test yourself by recalling information without looking at your material or books. This will enhance your memory and retention power. This will also show how much more work you need to do on the particular chapter or how much more time you need to invest in the particular material. This way you will be thorough with your progress also and can feel motivated when you go a step ahead.

Teach or explain concepts to others

You can also try teaching someone else this will help you solidify your understanding of the particular section. You can also have imaginary people sitting in front of you or you can take help of your stuffed toys. Pretend that they are children, and explain the particular chapter with thorough interest. This way you will memorize your learning material quickly and for a longer time.

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Stay motivated

It is very important to set goals, and once you finish or attain them, reward yourself with certain desired things. This way you will make studying enjoyable also. You can also try studying with a friend or maybe gamified apps that can help you study. This way you will stay motivated to study for longer hours.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very crucial for memory retention, so make sure that you are getting adequate rest. Proper sleep and rest makes your body nourished and productive. This way you can study all day long even continuously for long hours. Nothing will hinder you and even help you to get creative during your studies.

Remember, everyone learns differently, so try finding out what works best for you. And along with it, also incorporate certain breaks or activities that are therapeutic to you and make you feel calm and relaxed. This way you will open your mind to new things and be productive throughout the day.


As we have reached the end of today’s block, it is safe to say that education and learning these days have become very difficult and social media has only hindered the process of learning for students. Even though social media has its own benefits and key importance, eventually this will rot the students mind and even infants are suffering from virtual autism due to increased screen time.

For this exact thing, we have covered in this block certain techniques that can help you stay disciplined and make your learning process quicker. These techniques will enhance your retention power also and will help you get rid of the habit of screen time also. If you like this blog and find these technique interesting and helpful, then do share it and stay tuned for more search blogs. Happy studying!

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