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The Employee Time Tracking App

You must have heard that implementing employee productivity-tracking software will provide your organization with the benefit of employee performance boost and ultimately more profits. However, it will only happen if you address privacy concerns and build trust.

What is Employee Productivity Tracking Software?

Employee Productivity Monitoring Software is a collection of tools, features, and functionalities that aid organizations in monitoring employees’ performance. The application provides accurate data, which lets you boost efficiency and productivity. Got it? That’s all you need to know about this fancy term.

Categories of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Employee Productivity Time Tracking Monitoring Software is not just limited to productivity tracking but it also provides various other features and functionalities. Based on these, you can choose from the following categories to meet your requirements.

  • For tracking the daily PC activities of your employees, you can use the Desktop Activity Monitoring Software and get accurate results. Furthermore, when we speak desktop, the tool keeps an eye on every online and offline task including applications, URLs, and files.
  • The Employee Time Tracking App is the one you need when your objective is improving focus and efficiency. This one provides features such as automated timesheets and task timers, which ensure that employees are not busy tracking their work hours.
  • If you have issues with email monitoring, then Email Monitoring Software is here to solve all your problems. The application monitors everything email-related including email responses and recipients for accuracy.
  • Wish to track the productivity of on-field employees hassle-free? We recommend using GPS and Location Tracking Software.
  • Biometric Software is all about accurate attendance. These days, if you want to eliminate fake time entries and attendance forgeries, then what can be a better way than to use these applications?
  • We mentioned Video Surveillance Software because CCTVs also monitor your employees. Although, not for productivity, these are useful for monitoring other things including employee behavior, criminal activities, and insider threats.

However, what if you need to use all of these? It can get quite expensive. Especially, if you have a small-scale business.

The Cons of Using Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Like any other software, employee productivity tracking tools also come with cons. There are also a few concerns regarding employee productivity monitoring software, which you need to keep an eye out for. Overall, you need to be aware of this for perfect implementation and to get the best results.

  • Employee monitoring with software is good, but only to an extent. Intrusive monitoring can decrease employee morale and instead decrease productivity.
  • Privacy and legal concerns are always around the corner when it comes to employee monitoring. Due to data collection, your employees may get worried and lose focus on work. Thus, the solution here is to establish 100% transparency.

How to Ethically Monitor Your Employees’ Productivity

Finally, here’s how to properly and legally monitor your employees. Yes, there are rules and ethics here too, which you need to follow.

Adhere to the Laws

If you want to stay away from legal disputes and court cycles, it is essential and mandatory to responsibly and legally monitor your employees. Remember that you are monitoring app their productivity and not stalking them.

Have Clear Policies

Another essentiality is establishing transparent policies. Your employees must know everything about the tracking software and A-Z about data collection, what will be monitored, and everything in between.

Have Employee Consent

Unless your employees completely agree, it is unethical and illegal to monitor your employees. It is essential to get the written and signed consent of your staff to perfectly implement employee management.

Only Collect Necessary Data

The biggest concern is the collection and misuse of personal and private data. Such practices are completely illegal and we recommend that organizations always respect their employees’ personal space.

Eliminate Micromanagement

It is always ethical to monitor team performance rather than micromanaging every employee, making their life a shiver in the cold. Not only is micromanagement illegal but also more time-consuming.

Keep it Open 

Continuously considering and solving employee concerns regarding employee monitoring software is one of the best practices. It is ethical and also builds employees’ trust.


Implementing productivity measurement software is the best way to boost employee performance and get the advantage of maximum profits. However, to achieve the best results, it is also essential to address employee concerns and build trust. It is crucial to follow legal and ethical practices for employee productivity monitoring and will only ensure employee satisfaction, which every organization needs when using the different categories of this application. However, this can get very expensive, if you need all of the tools. Furthermore, being aware of the cons of using employee tracking software is also essential for hassle-free monitoring. Want a cost-effective productivity monitoring software that has all of these applications and tools embedded? We recommend DeskTrack as the best.

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