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Are you struggling with mental health issues and looking for the best Private hospitals in multan to seek help? Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and it’s essential to find the right psychiatrist who can provide the care and support you need. Pakistan has one of the highest mental illness rates in the world. 

According to WHO estimates, 24 million people in Pakistan require mental healthcare. That’s why there is a need for good psychiatrists, such as those at MASH Hospital in Multan. Unfortunately, the country has only 0.19 psychiatrists for every 100,000 people. 

Highlighting the estimated mental health burden will advocate to policymakers to include the discussion in the national health agenda. The GBD is the most comprehensive database that reports mental disorders that are not reported in national reports or elsewhere.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of mental health care in the best hospitals in Pakistan and highlight some of the top hospitals and psychiatrists in Multan, Pakistan.

Why Mental Health Care Matters

Mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, can have a profound impact on an individual’s quality of life. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to a range of negative consequences, including:

  • Strained relationships
  • Decreased work performance
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical health problems
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

Seeking professional help from a qualified psychiatrist is the first step towards managing mental health issues and improving overall well-being. 

Early intervention can prevent the progression of mental health disorders and facilitate better outcomes, highlighting the necessity of accessible and effective mental health care.

Stats for Mental Health in Pakistan 2024

  • The Mental Health market is expected to generate a revenue of $131.60 million in 2024.
  • The market is projected to experience an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.75% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a total market volume of $135.60 million by 2028.
  • Globally, the United States is anticipated to generate the highest revenue in this sector, with an estimated $11,730.00 million in 2024.
  • On a per capita basis, revenue in the Mental Health market is projected to be $6.83 in 2024.

Stats Source

Top Hospitals for Mental Health Care in Pakistan

Pakistan has several renowned hospitals that offer exceptional mental health care services. Some of the top hospitals include:

1. MASH Hospital, Multan

2. Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi

3. Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad

4. Bahria International Hospital, Lahore

5. Jinnah Hospital, Multan

These hospitals have dedicated psychiatric departments staffed by experienced and qualified psychiatrists who provide comprehensive mental health care services. 

They offer a range of treatments, including medication management, psychotherapy, and support for patients with severe mental health conditions.

Finding the Best Psychiatrist in Multan

Multan, a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan, has several highly skilled psychiatrists who can help individuals manage their mental health concerns. When looking for the best psychiatrist in Multan, consider the following factors:

Qualifications and experience:Ensure the psychiatrist has the necessary education and a solid track record.

Specialization: Some psychiatrists may specialize in treating specific disorders such as depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia.

Patient reviews and satisfaction scores: Look for feedback from other patients to gauge the psychiatrist’s effectiveness.

Availability and waiting times: Consider how quickly you can get an appointment and the frequency of follow-up visits.

Cost of consultation and treatment: Ensure that the services are within your budget or covered by your insurance.

Top Psychiatrists in Multan

1. Dr. Naeem Amjad (MBBS, MD Psychiatry, FCPS, DCPsych, MRCPsych)

  •    18 years of experience
  •    Practices at Spring Hospital and Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital
  •    98% patient satisfaction score

2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Hafiz Shafique Ahmad (MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry)

  •    10 years of experience
  •    Practices at Shafique Psychiatric Clinic and Jinnah Hospital
  •    96% patient satisfaction score

These psychiatrists have extensive experience in treating a wide range of mental health disorders and have received excellent feedback from their patients. They offer tailored treatment plans that address individual needs, ensuring comprehensive care.

Importance of a Holistic Approach

Effective mental health care often requires a holistic approach that includes medication, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, and social support. 

Leading hospitals in Multan adopt this comprehensive strategy, incorporating various therapeutic modalities to cater to the diverse needs of their patients. 

This holistic care model ensures that all aspects of a patient’s well-being are addressed, leading to more sustainable recovery and improved quality of life.

Community Support and Resources

If you want  professional care, community support and resources play a vital role in mental health recovery. 

Support groups, mental health awareness programs, and community outreach initiatives can provide essential assistance to individuals and their families. 

Hospitals and clinics in Multan often collaborate with community organizations to offer these valuable resources.

Final Words

If you’re searching for the best hospital in Pakistan or the top psychiatrist in Multan to address your mental health concerns, remember that help is available. 

MASH Hospital in Multan offers exceptional psychiatric care, and skilled psychiatrists like Dr. Naeem Amjad and Dr. Hafiz Shafique Ahmad are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal mental well-being. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards a healthier, happier life. By prioritizing mental health and seeking professional support, you can make significant strides toward overall well-being and improved quality of life.

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