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This article will teach you how to eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook, no matter what version of Outlook you choose. This task has three excellent solutions in the article below.


These days, the majority of consumers utilize Outlook as their email software. It is frequently utilized in enterprises. Our research indicates that an average Outlook user in a business workplace receives fifty emails a day. Several Microsoft Outlook folders contain thousands of identical emails. For example, a working professional in an organization could receive multiple duplicate emails from the same individuals in Outlook, which makes it difficult for users to determine which email is the most correct.

The majority of seasoned Outlook users find thousands of identical emails in their inboxes. Furthermore, it results in their Outlook PST file growing or being overly huge, which in turn leads to PST file corruption. Consequently, it is suggested to eliminate duplicate emails from the inbox in order to decrease the size of the PST file.

Why is it Necessary for Users to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook? 

Outlook Email Client is a popular piece of software that comes with the Microsoft Suite. Outlook requires a lot of resources in order to operate smoothly. Outlook users can receive duplicate messages and emails. You will probably run into the following problems at some stage:.

  • Why do duplicate emails unnecessarily increase the size of the Outlook data files? Outlook runs more slowly as a result. Businesses’ productivity is negatively impacted as well, and users have difficulties when it takes longer to view new emails and reply to them.
  • When an Outlook email is duplicated and not immediately apparent, it might lead to misunderstandings. It is not possible for the user to confirm if an email has been answered. If you repeatedly respond to the same email, your team members and clients will get even more confused.
  • If Outlook is configured with Exchange Server or Office 365, duplicate items will cause the mailbox to grow larger.
  • Unusual duplicate emails can start to accumulate in your Outlook mailbox, and the size of your Outlook backups will increase. If you keep backups on any external cloud storage, you will then be charged more for extra capacity.

In order to address the query, “How can I get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook? It is imperative to understand the underlying cause of the duplication of Outlook emails. Once the cause has been determined, you can use the appropriate solution to remove duplicate emails from Outlook for free.

Reasons for Outlook Email Duplication

Some potential reasons why duplicate emails show up in Outlook include the following:

  • The rules are arranged incorrectly:
  • If the rules are not configured correctly, you will receive confusing emails. As a result, the emails become duplicates.
  • There is frequent sending and receiving of messages.
  • If the inbox updates more frequently in a short amount of time, the emails and other data in the mailbox won’t be synchronized, causing email duplication.
  • Account setup error: This occurs when you set up the same email account simultaneously on multiple devices, such as a mobile phone, laptop, and PC. The incoming message will then repeatedly sync after that. This can be one of the reasons why your Outlook mailbox contains duplicate emails.
  • Incorrect mailbox settings: It’s likely that you’ll receive the same email and other messages repeatedly if you set the mailbox parameters wrong when you create an Outlook account.

Technical Faults:

A mail server technical issue can be the source of the duplicate Outlook items. Such events often happen if you select the “Leave Messages on the Server” option. Certain inbound emails are subject to several “transfer a copy to” restrictions. There is often email duplication as a result of this.

Whatever the cause of Outlook email duplication, it will negatively impact your professional life. We will now address some practical and efficient ways to resolve this problem.

But first, you must use Outlook’s search function to find the duplicate emails. Let’s investigate how to accomplish this.

What is the Process for Using Outlook to Find Duplicate Emails?

The duplicacy of a single Outlook email cannot be discovered in a single step. If a message displays more than one email, you can check this using a number of its steps. For comparison, the ensuing basis is available:

  • Subject
  • Text
  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Attachment

If you run a search using the previously mentioned foundation, you can find many instances of the same email if you have duplicates in your mailbox. You can search the inbox emails using the previously specified criteria, like “subject,” to find a few duplicate emails. Then, you can utilize the Delete button on the application to get rid of them. However, if there are several emails, the same process would be difficult, so use the following techniques to accomplish the same.

How to Remove Identical Emails from Outlook

Eliminating duplicate files from your inbox is essential. It would be challenging for you if you had thousands, or even hundreds, of these kinds of communications. If the number of duplicate emails in Outlook is even higher, it would be nearly impossible to manually remove those entries. As such, getting rid of duplicate items is a challenging operation, and unfortunately, Microsoft—not even in Outlook 2013—does not provide an easy fix for this problem.

Solution 1: Select “Do not Import Duplicate Items” at all times.

Make it your habit to select “Do not import duplicate items” whenever you import Outlook items.

When importing Outlook PST file objects, such as mailbox folders or contacts, using the Outlook application’s Import/Export feature, you must be sure to select the “Do not Import Duplicate” option at the end of the import process in order to avoid importing duplicate things into the program.

Solution 2: Determine the Frequency of Inbox Updates.

Step 1: Launch and access Microsoft Outlook.

Select “Send/Receive Groups” from the “Send/Receive” menu in step two.

Step 3: Select the “Define Send/Receive Groups” tab to open a new window.

Step 4: In the pop-up box, select the group you wish to modify. “All Accounts” is the only group that is present by default. On the other hand, you can also use the “New” button to start a new group.

Step 5: Select “Edit” from the menu after selecting the group.

Step 6: In the next box, select “Schedule an automated send/receive every __ minutes” and then use the drop-down menu to choose the desired time interval.

Step 7: To save the modifications, select your desired time period and click “OK.”

You can also set different time intervals for different account groupings by going through steps 3 through 7.

Solution 3: Use the Inbox Cleaning Tool to get Rid of Expired Emails.

Multiple add-ins and programs in Microsoft Outlook can effectively remove duplicate emails from the Outlook program. The Clean Up feature is one such built-in feature that helps remove duplicate emails from the Outlook mailbox.

Here’s How to get Rid of Duplicate Emails using the Outlook Clean Up Tool.

Step 1: Launch and operate Microsoft Outlook 2016 locally.

Step 2: Select the Inbox folder containing the redundant emails.

Step 3: From the menu, choose Clean Up. Next, select any of the following alternatives based on the occurrence of duplicate items:

  • Clean Up Conversation: This places duplicate emails in the Deleted Items folder after removing them from the conversation.
  • Clean Up Folder: Using this option, duplicate emails can be eliminated from a particular folder.
  • Clean up subfolders and folders: This will tidy up subfolders and folders alike.

Step 4: To permanently remove the duplicate emails from your Outlook mailbox, hit the Deleted Items folder and select the Empty folder option.

Final Words

Although seeing identical emails in Microsoft Outlook might be annoying, there are a few solutions available. We’ve outlined the best ways to remove duplicate emails from Outlook in this post, but occasionally these methods don’t work. In these cases, users can use the best third-party application, such as GainTools Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool, to Remove Identical/ Duplicate Outlook Files & Emails of any version. Take careful note of the strategies to eliminate those bothersome duplicate emails. These methods are all very simple to apply and comprehend.

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