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Converting an OST file to PST is a most important process, when you want to access the mailbox data in another email client or when an OST file is corrupted. As there are numerous options of OST to PST converter tools available the problem is to identify which converter is the most efficient and reliable tool. As a result, this guide will orient the readers and provide useful information and recommendations regarding the most important aspects of choosing a proper OST to PST converter tool.

Key Considerations

Data Integrity: The key focus before moving data from OST to PST is the ability to recreate the same folder structure and its attributes a second time. It is imperative that any loss or corruption of data during the conversion process is damaging to email management/home office practice for recording correspondence.

Conversion Speed: This rules out large OST files as they take time to be pulled across especially when working on a project with limited time. For this process, what you should look for is a tool that is very capable of quickly and effectively converting the document without compromising the quality of the result.

User-Friendly Interface: Some of the features that could be incorporated in the convertor include: The conversion process should be easy and understandable for everyone ranging from students to the working personnel.

Conversion Options: Whereas, the idea that comes closest to the recipe for success is versatility. This is because there are converter tools that enable the user to convert OST files into different formats smoothly depending on the desire of the end-user by providing an export button not only in EML or MSG format but also in vCard, HTML, and many others.

Technical Support: Technical support is a critical aspect and must be dependable and willing to be of assistance when consumers encounter issues, particularly related to data transfer. Forums are another factor to consider while searching for a tool in that it must offer extensive documentation and 24*7 support system.

Compatibility: Before using the OST to PST converter tool to convert OST to PST, it is also advisable to check the compatibility of the tool with other Windows versions and Outlook as well as any other applications that the tool will be used with.


Shoviv OST to PST Converter is one of the best software that helps in the conversion of OST files into PST without facing any kind of disturbance.It is one of the most effective and efficient tools that can be utilized among the many OST to PST converter applications. 

Here’s why we recommend considering this tool

Data Integrity

It is specifically meant to retain the data structure and characteristics of the original data on an operation during the conversion. This will assure the synchronisation of your every single email data, such as, attachments, contacts, tasks, journals and the like through PST format without any distortion.

Conversion Speed

One of the significant features of the tool is the best operational functionality in terms of its OST file handling and processing. When converting, the procedure is as effortless as possible to complete, with no excessive down times when the data is being transferred.

User-Friendly Interface

The UI of the Convert is simple and neat and the simplicity is seen as a major strength by the developers since it does not complicate the conversion process for users of all types. The instructions also given in the software to make the process more hale and hearty.

Conversion Options

Besides converting OST to PST it is also capable of exporting all data in other formats such as EML, MSG, vCard and HTML format. This flexibility also can enable you to select the output type that is most appropriate for your requirement.

Technical Support

Technical support team is ready to help you round the clock with your concerns and questions that you may have during the conversion. Through writing detailed articles and establishing live chat, the information availability is guaranteed, no matter what information is required at a given moment.


This means that it can support all recent versions of both Outlook and Windows, thus linking well with your current email system.


Hence, we can clearly conclude that out of all the OST to PST converter tools available in the market, Shoviv OST to PST Converter rates as a very efficient OST to PST converter tool. Thus, Due to its focus on the accuracy of data input and output, an increased rate of conversion along with availability of all complete functions it is effective for the users and organizations as well. Although there are other alternatives which are present, the quality services and customer care services by It make it a tool that deserves to be considered while looking for a tool to assist in the migration of email data.

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