How to connect Facebook page to Instagram One of the first things to learn in the world of social media is how to connect your Facebook page

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How to connect Facebook page to Instagram

One of the first things to learn in the world of social media is how to connect your Facebook page to Instagram. Connecting multiple accounts is critical to your strategy.

The advantages of this operation, as we will see, are many and are not limited to the possibility of publishing simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Once you connect the two accounts, you will have the opportunity to expand your reach in digital marketing. This step can also be useful if you are a social media manager. If you are looking for social media growth, then Buy Facebook Likes UK is the best place for you.


In fact, many brands and companies usually have a common strategy between the two platforms. In practice, the main advantage will be that of being able to publish, in a single moment, a post on both Facebook and Instagram.

But as mentioned, the benefits aren’t just limited to posts.

During this article, we will explain how to connect a Facebook page to Instagram from PC and Smartphone. In addition to this, you will discover the advantages and uses of this simple procedure.

Connecting Facebook page to Instagram: preliminary operations

Anyone who connects a Facebook page to Instagram can start ahead of the competition. However, before you connect, you’ll need to get some aspects of your profiles in order.

First, check that you are the administrator of the Facebook page. To check, all you have to do is go to the page settings and check the “administrator role” tab. If unsuccessful, you will have to ask the main administrator to give you all access and make you admin.

The second requirement to check is to have a professional account on Instagram. If this is not the case, you can always make the switch with a very simple procedure.

To switch to the professional account, all you have to do is open the drop-down menu (with the three horizontal lines) at the top right and select “Settings and privacy”.

Once this is done, select the “Account” item and then “Switch to a professional account”. Now, you just have to choose between creator accounts, dedicated to individual users who use Instagram professionally, or business accounts, dedicated to companies.

Having arrived here, let’s find out how to connect an Instagram account to a Facebook page.

Connect Facebook page to Instagram from smartphone

Connecting a smartphone between two accounts of different platforms, obviously from the same company, is not complicated. However, we invite you to follow the steps we will explain very carefully.

It is easy to make some careless mistakes in these procedures. We remind you, before making the connection, to follow the entire tutorial in the last chapter.

Here, then, is how to connect a Facebook page to Instagram using your smartphone:

  • open the Facebook app and log in if necessary;
  • tap on your profile picture at the bottom right;
  • select, at the top, the page to link;
  • once you enter the page, tap on the profile picture at the bottom right;
  • select “Dashboard for professionals”;
  • scroll the menu by tapping on “More”;
  • select the “Linked Accounts” item;
  • select Instagram.

If you did everything correctly, an Instagram login screen should open where you will need to enter your login details.

Once you have entered the username and password of the Instagram profile you want to connect, confirm the operation.

Connect from PC

Connecting Instagram to Facebook (and vice versa) is very simple even if you use a PC. In past years, a platform like Instagram was practically unusable in the Desktop version. Today, however, it is possible to use almost all the functions also available on mobile.

To connect the two social networks using your PC, all you have to do is:

  • open the Facebook website with your browser;
  • go to the page you are interested in; you can find the pages you administer on the left side of the screen;
  • click on the menu at the top right and scroll to the “Dashboard for professionals” item;
  • scroll the menu on the left to the “Linked Accounts” item.

The procedure, at this point, is the same as that from a smartphone. You will need to click on “Connect account” and enter the username and password of the Instagram profile you intend to connect to.

Once the operation is confirmed, your Facebook profile will be connected to your Instagram profile.

Why it is useful to connect Instagram to a Facebook page

As you have seen, you can use both the Facebook app and your computer, the important thing is to start with a business profile.

Now that you know all the ways to connect an Instagram profile to a Facebook page, let’s see what the advantages of this function can be. We will start with the most obvious and then get to some advice dedicated to professionals in the sector. However, we want to remind you that you can unlink accounts at any time

If, in fact, linking accounts is not for you, you can repeat the procedure and click on the “Unlink account” button.

Post on two social networks at the same time

The first, and most obvious, advantage of knowing how to connect a Facebook page to Instagram is the possibility of activating automatic publication on both platforms.

In practice, every time you publish an Instagram post, it will automatically be published on your Facebook account as well. This speech, obviously, also applies to Instagram stories.

As you know, the stories have also arrived on Facebook for some time.

By making this connection, you will no longer have to worry about publishing the same content on multiple platforms. Additionally, this feature also applies to scheduled posts.

During the planning phase, you can choose whether to publish posts and stories only on one platform or on both.

To activate this feature, you need to go to your Instagram profile settings. You can access the settings directly from the menu at the top right.

Select the account management center and then the “Related functions” item. Tap “Share on different profiles” and choose what to share on the Facebook page.

You can activate this feature for stories, reels and posts.

Improve your online presence

Having explained the first obvious advantage, let’s move on to the consequences on your online presence. Even if everyone thinks that Facebook is a social network for boomers or, in any case, a platform that is not up to date, having an updated page can make the difference.

Precisely because the platform is mostly frequented by a different type of audience, you can use it to expand and strengthen your online presence.

Don’t forget that Facebook pages can also appear in search engines. So, if you are a professional and get searched on Google, your page may appear in the first results.

For this reason it is important not only to make the connection between the two social networks, but also to take care of the Facebook page in the best possible way.

In addition to simultaneous publication, also think about an editorial plan dedicated to Facebook.

Manage content from a single tool

After connecting your Facebook account to Instagram, you will have the advantage of being able to keep everything under control. By connecting accounts, you’ll be able to control everything within the Facebook space dedicated to creators.

In fact, by entering the dashboard for professionals, as shown previously, you will be able to access a series of very interesting data. We are talking about Insights. This is the set of statistical data that analyzes the performance of your business profile.

Here, you can consult all the data regarding followers, reach and interactions.

Furthermore, having the accounts linked will allow you to save time and work thanks to simultaneous publication.

One last piece of advice we want to give you, and which we have already mentioned, is to also take care of Facebook’s editorial plan.

Publishing the same content on both platforms can be convenient, but not always successful. In fact, as mentioned, the Facebook audience is different from Instagram.

For this reason, in addition to posting the same content, it could be useful to develop a strategy for this platform too.

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