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How to Delete Duplicate Videos on PC (Windows & Mac OS)

Summary: In this comprehensive guide, we will find the answer to the most sought question on “How to delete duplicate videos on PC?” With this knowledge, let’s begin.

In the present day, videos—clips, movies, YouTube content, and more—are integral to our leisure. We accumulate files for entertainment, leading to duplicates and a sluggish PC. To tackle this, our blog explores “How to remove duplicate multi-media files on Windows 10/11?.” In short, duplicate videos are identical copies causing performance issues. Mainly, we present both free and quick professional solutions in this write-up. Apart from videos, if you are looking for other file formats, follow this guide “How to find and remove duplicate photos on PC?”

Advantages of Delete Duplicate Videos on Windows

Here are some of the significant merits of erasing duplicate media clips:

Save Space: Remove redundant video files to free up digital space.

Organize: Delete identical files for a tidy file system.

Easy Access: Clear duplicates for a customized video search.

Efficient Backup: Optimize backup time by removing similar media.

Boost Performance: Reduce file duplicacy for better computer speed.

Avoid Confusion: Minimize the risk of choosing the wrong video.

Speedy Transfers: Enhance file transfers by clearing duplicates.

Quality Library: Improve the media library by eliminating unnecessary duplicates.

Method 1: How to Find and Remove Duplicate Videos on Windows 10/11 using File Explorer

In this part, let’s dive into the hands-on process of comparing files—examining their looks, names, and extensions. Now, proceed with the steps to weed out akin files on Windows 11 or 10.

  • Open your PC’s File Explorer. 
  • Navigate to where you want to find and delete duplicate files, like This PC →Downloads
  • In the top-right search bar, type the file format (e.g., .mp4, .avi) and press Enter
  • The results will display in the format you entered. 
  • Now, filter by name, size, or origin date. 
  • Finally, manually review and delete each redundant video file individually.

Please note that, unlike typical Google search results, we’ve skipped using Indexing Options. This is because indexing primarily boosts the scanning speed of the engine. In this case, File Explorer possesses a robust detection mechanism utilizing the pre-built index. Therefore, we recommend avoiding Indexing Options.

Method 2: How to Scan, Detect, and Eliminate Duplicate Videos through Command Prompt?

This method delves a bit deeper into the technical realm compared to the previous one. Basic command prompt knowledge is essential. Now, let’s jump right into the process:

Initiate by pressing ‘Win + R’ to open the Run dialog box. Subsequently, type ‘cmd‘ and press Enter. This action will lead you to the Command Prompt Window.

Next, utilize the ‘cd‘ and ‘dir‘ commands to navigate to the specific folder where you wish to start searching for duplicate movie clips. For instance, use ‘cd path\to\your\videos.’

After that, use the File compare (fc) command to distinguish among the duplicate clips. For example: fc file1.mp4 file2.mp4.

Method 3: How to Delete Duplicate Media Files in PowerShell?

Like the previous section, this part is also a little bit technical to operate. Let’s explore the steps to how to eliminate the video clips using PowerShell.

Access PowerShell easily: Begin by pressing Win + X, then select “Windows PowerShell” or “PowerShell” from the menu.

Find your video folder: Use the cd command to move to the directory. For instance:

cd C:\Path\To\Your\Videos

Spotting identical videos? Employ a hash function like SHA-256 to match their content. For instance, the SHA-256 hash helps.

Get-ChildItem -Filter *.mp4 | Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 | Group-Object -Property Hash | Where-Object { $_.Count -gt 1 } | ForEach-Object { $_.Group | Select-Object -Skip 1 }

Check for duplicates and verify before removal. Review the list to ensure accuracy. If certain, use the command to delete.

Get-ChildItem -Filter *.mp4 | Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 | Group-Object -Property Hash | Where-Object { $_.Count -gt 1 } | ForEach-Object { $_.Group | Select-Object -Skip 1 } | Remove-Item -Force

Caution: Always substitute *.mp4 with your video’s actual extension. Exercise care when utilizing the Remove-Item command, as it permanently erases files.

Shortcomings in the Manual (Free) Solutions to Get Rid of Duplicate Videos

Given below are some of the primary challenges user faces while performing the task: 

  • Removing identical video files demands time and effort. 
  • Human errors may delete crucial data or miss duplicates. 
  • It’s less effective with extensive datasets and incompatible with dynamic ones. 
  • Automation is lacking, making it unfriendly for repetitive tasks, requiring technical expertise.

Fast Track Solution on How to Delete Duplicate Videos on PC

The manual and free solutions are out there, but they need tech know-how and often fail. So, our suggestion? Try the reliable SysTools Duplicate File Finder and Remover on PC. It swiftly finds and deletes duplicate movie files. Here’s why it’s great:

  • Employ an Intelligent File Scan and Recognition Engine.
  • Enable Recursive Scanning with Flexible Parameters.
  • Provide Options to Move or Remove Duplicate Video Files.
  • Extend File Compatibility to Over 70 Extensions (e.g., .mp3, .mp4, .png, .jpg).
  • Identify Visually Identical Images with Precision.
  • Safeguard User Data During the Scanning Process.
  • Explore the Trial Version of the Application at No Cost.

Steps to Scan and Detect the Identical Media Files on Windows 11 & 10

  • Download and install the Duplicate Video File Finder Tool on your computer.
  • Click “Add Folder” to select the target folder.
  • Configure the scan settings in the dialog box (select file type, etc.) and click “Continue.”
  • Click “Delete” to remove duplicate video files.
  • Check for “Deleted” under the Action tag to confirm completion.

Wrapping Up

In this discussion, we’ve covered effective ways to delete duplicate videos on your PC. We explored both manual (free) and expert (quick) methods for Windows 10 & 11. While free options are easily accessible, they often lack reliability. For a more efficient solution, we recommend using a duplicate video file detector and removal application.

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