How to Restore BKF file in Windows 10, 11 & All Latest and Old Versions?

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Do you intend to use Windows 10’s BKF file restoration feature because you own one? If such is the case, continue reading to learn how to access and fix corrupt BKF files on Windows 10, 8, 7, and other operating systems.

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Everyone knows that the NT Backup application may be used to create data backups on Windows machines. A BKF is a backup file created by the Windows Backup application, which comes with Microsoft Windows versions NT through XP. BKF files are frequently used to protect, store, and retrieve data and files from a computer’s ZIP drive. Thus, in order to correct BKF files, we’ll show you in this post how to manually and automatically restore BKF files in Windows 10, 8, and 7. Prior knowledge of potential compromises is necessary.

Causes of BKF File Corrupted Records

In today’s digital environment, digital file corruption is a typical occurrence, independent of the original format, and it can have fatal repercussions. Like any other type of file, BKF files can become corrupt for several causes. Below are a few instances:

• The abrupt system shutdown causes the BKF files to become corrupt. For example, if you are working on a backup file and the system crashes in the middle of it, the files can get corrupted and the data might be lost.
• A common reason for corrupt BKF files is a virus infection. If any unauthorized third-party software is launched on the computer while it is infected with a virus, the BKF files may become corrupted.

• Users may also be to blame if backups get corrupted. Another frequent cause of BKF file corruption is human error, such as installing third-party software from an untrusted source and thereby introducing flawed content into the backup files.
There are a tonne of more possible reasons why BKF files get corrupted, but for the time being, we should concentrate on investigating viable solutions for Windows 10 BKF file restoration.

Technique 1: Manually Recovering BKF Files
Microsoft offers NTBackup.exe, a tool for repairing BKF files. Let’s examine how to restore BKF files in Windows 10 using the methods mentioned below.

1. The user needs to navigate to the expansion directory before running as an administrator.
2. When asked, choose OK to start using the Removable Store Service.
3. The Welcome window will open and the backup/restore wizard will begin. You can click next to continue.
4. After choosing the option to restore files and configuration, click the Next button.
5. As a result, the client must click Browse to choose the BKF files. Once the files are selected, click the OK button.
6. Next, the user has to select the required files and folder by expanding the left pane. Then hit the OK button.

7. After it is finished, you can select the advanced option.
8. To save the finished files, the user must now select the original location option from the Restore files drop-down box. Select the Next button after that.
9. The user can now choose Finish to complete the process of repairing the corrupted BKF files.

The Manual Solution’s Drawbacks

  • Although the manual technique has some restrictions, it aids the user in fixing corrupted BKF files. Before manually fixing incorrect BKF files, users must be informed of these limitations. Here are few instances:
  • There is a lengthy and multi-phase technique that needs to be performed in order to retrieve BKF data.
  • Because the native tool cannot handle extreme corruption, it can only handle moderate levels of corruption.
  • In order to run, the EXE application needs shared.dll executable files and Windows XP or later.
  • If you are experiencing problems fixing corrupted.bkf files manually, you can use this automatic software to fix them. It is the most reliable and perfect way to recover BKF files on Windows 10. Its main objective is to make information recovery from faulty BKF files easier.

Method 2: Use an Automatic Solution to Restore BKF Files in Windows 10
Instead of attempting to manually restore corrupted.bkf files, consider utilizing our automated Softaken BKF Repair Tool This is the most dependable and efficient method for recovering BKF files on Windows 10. Its main objective is to make information recovery from faulty BKF files easier.

How Do I Use the Software to Restore BKF Files?
1. Install the BKF files restore software after downloading it.
2. Click the open button to view the files in.bkf format.
3. Next, click the Action button, and from the menu that shows, select Extract.
4. Select the location path of your choice and press the Save button.

In summary
Through this blog, I have discussed how to repair BKF files and given examples of how to recover BKF files on Windows 10, 8, and 7. We’ve looked into both the automated and manual methods for retrieving and gaining access to BKF files. Using specialized software like the BKF Recovery application is highly advised as opposed to the do-it-yourself (manual) method, which has a number of drawbacks. Users must download the demo version of the tool in order to test it out.

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