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The clutch is an important components of a motorcycle, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless riding experience. Placed between the engine and the gearbox, the clutch holds a strong position for effortless shifting of gears and the smooth movement of the motorcycle. Therefore, maintaining the functionality of the complete clutch system is crucial for hassle-fres riding.


In this blog, you will get to know valuable information about the clutch’s functionalities and learn to recognize the signs showing whether it needs a quick repair or a complete replacement. Moreover, you can conveniently purchase bike spare parts online, meeting your two-wheeler brand needs, all from the comfort of your home.


Introduction to Bike’s Clutch System


As you may already know, the clutch is an important spare part of your motorcycle, whether you ride a commuter bike, sports bike, cruiser, hybrid, or any other gear-driven two-wheeler. The clutch system has a major role in ensuring smooth gear shifting. This is because the clutch system includes a flywheel, a pressure plate, and a friction plate. When the rider shifts gears, these plates move in different directions, supporting smooth transitions.


In addition, it’s important to understand the two types of clutch systems: wet and dry. Wet clutches are completely immersed in engine oil, giving full lubrication for smooth gear movement. Conversely, dry clutches work without any presence of engine oil, yet still ensure smooth functionality.


Key Signs of Issues with the Bike’s Clutch System


1. Slipping away of the clutch system


You might have faced a situation where your motorcycle have difficulty to deliver the expected power and acceleration even after going full on the accelerator throttle. This problem is often due to clutch slippage. Clutch slippage happens when the pressure plates within the clutch system fail to hold the friction plates effectively, ending into loss of power distribution. This problem releases excessive heat and causes wear and tear within the clutch, significantly impacting the ride’s performance.


Another related problem is when the clutch lever regularly slips. This basically happens when the clutch wire is about to break. In such situations, you need to replace the clutch lever and wire to ensure  riding performance.


2. Unexpected Gear Shift


Another clear indication that your bike’s clutch system is facing troubles or malfunctioning is experiencing unusual shifting of gears. This problem might grow as gears slipping into neutral unexpectedly, jerky movements, an unbearable noise from the clutch system, or other troubles. Such issues can further lead to reduced acceleration power, making it difficult to ride the bike smoothly.


3. Unusual Sound from Gear


Another sign of an issue with your bike’s clutch system is unexpected sounds. You might experience noises such as pulsating, rattling, clinging, or other unusual sounds coming from the clutch system. Additionally, you might experience unusual vibrations or pulsations from the clutch area. If you encounter such symptoms, it’s important to address the problem promptly by fixing the clutch’s functionality or even replacing the whole box if required. For all your repair needs, you can conveniently find online bike accessories tailored to your specific motorcycle.


4. Low Mileage


One more sign of a worn-out clutch box on your motorcycle is low fuel efficiency. When any engine component is not running properly, it can negatively impact mileage. Specifically, a worn-out clutch often ends into lower acceleration, which in turn can seriously impact the overall mileage efficiency. If you notice a decline in your bike’s fuel efficiency, it may be time to inspect and possibly replace the clutch system.


5. Abrupt Gear Usage

Another adverse condition of the clutch is the aggressive shifting of gears, particularly during the downshifting. This issue often comes when you abruptly downshift while riding at high speeds, putting undue stress on the clutch box. Such aggressive method of gear change can significantly damage the clutch, leaving you with no option to repair the functionality or even replace the complete box entirely. For these repairs, you can turn to the best online bike parts store to find the important components to restore your motorcycle’s performance.


Wrapping Up


In a nutshell, the clutch is an important components of a bike, crucial for ensuring expected performance and smooth riding. Keeping the functionality of the clutch system is important, and replacing it on time is vital for optimal performance. You can securely buy spare parts online from the best online bike parts store, including eShop Hero Motocorp platform. If you own a Hero motorcycle, this platform is perfect to buy genuine spare parts and accessories, ensuring your bike remains in top condition.

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