Organic Facial moisturizer for dry skin: How to Protect Your Skin and Keep it Moisturized in the Blistering Summer Heat

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Summers in India are not for the light-hearted and one needs to be not just physically fit to endure it but also mentally fit to deal with it. As a working woman I normally ride my scooter to do the 8 Km commute to my place of work and in the process, I expose my skin to the heat and pollution on the roads. If it was not for the natural skin moisturizer for dry skin that I use every day, I am scared to even think what would have happened to my skin by now.

A natural oily skin moisturizer is a great choice for both facial as well as body skin care due to their gentle and nourishing properties. It is also important to know the most effective natural moisturizers for your facial and body skin.

Thankfully, my mother is quite well-informed about natural and herbal remedies and it helped her no less that she had spent her school days in her ancestral village. She passed on the knowledge of the organic facial moisturizer for oily skin along with many other natural and herbal remedies to me.

Those were the days of economic hardship and austerity, more so in the rural areas where women learn about natural moisturizer for dry face and different other natural remedies at home.

Choosing natural and herbal remedies is a necessity now

My mother and other rural women like her might have learnt about the natural skin moisturizer for dry skin out of compulsion back in their younger days but times have changed now.

The immense benefits of using natural and herbal formulations for taking better care of skin is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds as information is easily available nowadays.

My mother’s generation did not have this advantage in their younger days but she was fortunate in this regard to have grown up in a rural area where she had no access to a chemist.

It was normal for her and my grandmother to use natural oily skin moisturizer from resources that were available in their environment. This knowledge had been passed on from one generation to another across ages.

Very low risk of harmful side effects in herbal formulations

One of the main reasons for natural and herbal formulations like organic facial moisturizer for oily skin to gain popularity so fast is that it has near zero risk of harmful side effects.

That cannot be said about chemical-based formulations that are known to cause harmful side effects to many users. The other disadvantage of such chemical formulations is that they do not treat any skin condition at the root.

However, using a natural moisturizer for dry face not just gives excellent hydration to your skin but also treats certain skin conditions at the root.

In my own experience, whenever I have used chemical-based moisturizers after running out of my stock of natural and herbal moisturizers, I used to feel different and quite uneasy.

Of course, I have never had to suffer any adverse side effects of using any chemical moisturizer, the few times I had used them but I know of women who have suffered serious side effects after using such chemical formulations. The last thing you want is to suffer the side effects of a chemical moisturizer combined with the harmful effects of the elements like the intense rays of the sun and air pollution.

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