Revolutionizing Biotechnology: Nona Biosciences’ Cutting-Edge Solutions for Therapeutic Antibody Development

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In the dynamic field of biotechnology, Nona Biosciences stands at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative advancements in therapeutic antibody development. With a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to scientific excellence, nona Biosciences offers a complete solution for partners worldwide. In this guest post, we explore Nona Biosciences’ revolutionary approach to antibody discovery and development, revolutionizing the landscape of biotechnology.

  1. Harbour Mice®: Unleashing the Potential of Fully Human Antibodies
    At the core of Nona Biosciences’ success lies the Harbour Mice® platform, a clinically validated and highly versatile technology for generating fully human monoclonal antibodies. The Harbour Mice® platform produces antibodies in two heavy and two light chains (H2L2) format, as well as heavy chain only (HCAb) format. This groundbreaking platform enables the development of a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including bi- and multi-specific antibodies, CAR-T therapies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), mRNA therapeutics, and diagnostic imaging agents.
  2. Comprehensive Antibody Discovery Services: From Idea to IND
    Nona Biosciences offers a comprehensive range of antibody discovery services, guiding partners through the entire development process from idea to Investigational New Drug (IND). Their services encompass antigen preparation, animal immunization, single B cell screening, antibody lead generation and engineering, developability assessment, and pharmacological evaluation. By providing an integrated approach to antibody discovery, Nona Biosciences enables partners to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics.
  3. Developability Assessment: Ensuring Successful Clinical Translation
    Developability assessment is a crucial step in therapeutic antibody development, and Nona Biosciences excels in this area. Their expertise lies in evaluating critical antibody properties, such as stability, solubility, aggregation propensity, immunogenicity, and manufacturability. By identifying and optimizing these properties early in the development process, Nona Biosciences maximizes the chances of successful clinical translation, ensuring that antibody candidates are safe, effective, and commercially viable.
  4. Versatile Business Models: Unlocking the Potential of Brilliant Ideas
    Nona Biosciences embraces and supports brilliant ideas, offering versatile business models to maximize the value of their customers. The Harbour Mice® platforms, H2L2, and HCAb, have been extensively validated and widely used in both industry and academia. Nona Biosciences collaborates with academic institutions, biotech startups, and major biopharmaceutical companies, providing tailored solutions and expertise to drive innovation and success.


Nona Biosciences is revolutionizing the field of biotechnology through its cutting-edge solutions for therapeutic antibody development. With the Harbour Mice® platform at its core, Nona Biosciences generates fully human antibodies and empowers partners to create next-generation drugs with diverse therapeutic modalities. Through comprehensive antibody discovery services and rigorous developability assessment, Nona Biosciences ensures the successful translation of antibody candidates from idea to IND. With versatile business models and a commitment to scientific excellence, Nona Biosciences is paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in biotechnology.

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