Say Goodbye to Stains: 5 DIY Techniques for Spotless Marble Bathroom Tiles

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Your bathroom should exude the air of sophistication and luxury that can instantly elevate your space and mood. Though many house owners consider marble stone a top-rated choice, it has its drawbacks. One of the enormous marble’s drawbacks is the ease with which it gets stained, given that it’s a porous stone that absorbs all the liquid. But who likes stains? Instead, you can go for marble tiles with the same feel and look yet devoid of the problems of natural marble. The blog will present 5 DIY ways to clean marble bathroom tiles so you can banish those pesky stains and bring back the stunning beauty of your marble tiles, all without using harsh chemicals. You can also consider visiting the tile showroom in Jalandhar to find the ideal tile for your bathroom.

5 DIY Techniques for Spotless Marble

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a mild cleansing solution to keep your marble bathroom tiles in the best condition. You could effortlessly remove stains without harming the delicate tile surface by making a paste including baking soda and water. Simply apply the paste to the affected place, allow it to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then thoroughly rinse after giving it a gentle brush scrub. This approach is specifically good at getting rid of common buildups of dust and cleaning soap scum, leaving your tiles’ surfaces immaculate. Your bathroom tiles will stay splendid and well-maintained for many years if you include baking soda in your normal cleaning routine.

Citrus Power:

Lemon juice is a flexible and powerful natural cleaning agent, especially for cleaning marble tiles. Mixed with water, lemon juice may be an impressive tool in removing minor stains and soap scum because of its natural acidity. However, it should be diluted nicely so the marble is not damaged. Using lemon juice as a marble cleaner, you can achieve a sparkling, spotless floor without harsh chemicals.

Whitening with chalk:

An easy yet effective solution for mild etch marks or stubborn watermarks involves making a combined paste using white chalk and water. This budget-friendly remedy can give a surprisingly good outcome. The chalk can work magic by applying the paste to the affected area and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Lightly scrubbing the region with a gentle brush afterwards and carefully rinsing it could assist in casting off the undesirable marks efficiently. This method is cost-effective and environmentally friendly because it does not contain harsh chemical substances.

Castile soap:

Use castile soap as an effective daily gentle cleaning solution. Mix a few drops of castile cleaning soap in a spray bottle with warm water. This natural cleaner will help you get rid of mild particles and dirt and pose no hazard to the sensitive surface of your marble tiles. To prevent staining, consider using top-grade tiles offered by the best tile showroom in Jalandhar, like Orientbell Tiles.

DIY Natural Marble Polish:

Making your own natural marble polish is an economically viable option and a green solution. By just mixing mineral oil and white vinegar, you can give your marble tiles a great shine without using harsh chemicals. This simple homemade polish can highlight the natural beauty of marble. Without using store-bought polishes that can be hazardous, you can make your home a safer and healthier place. 


These DIY methods will keep your marble bathroom tiles looking beautiful for years. Remember, all you will ever need to preserve the grandeur of your marble is proper cleaning techniques and preventive measures. For a genuinely opulent touch, go to your local tile showroom in Jalandhar and browse through the magnificent array of marble tiles.

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