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Have you thought that you should disable Glance lock screen feature on your phone? The Glance screen provides bite-sized news updates, but we understand that it may not be for everyone. And yet, we urge you to give the Glance feature a second thought and see for yourself how intriguing, informative, and helpful it is. This article will eventually cover how to turn off Glance, but it will also cover what the Glance feature is and how to not disable Glance. 

What is the Glance Feature?

The Glance feature is a lock screen tool that displays quickly digestible news, entertainment updates, sports scores, and more. It summarises top headlines and trending topics across 19+ categories so you can get informed without information overload.

Glance feature is pre-installed on various Android phones like Samsung, MI, and Realme models. The news tab updates constantly with the latest global happenings. On top of that, the Glance feature is backed by AI and ML. This helps the news tab of the Glance feature to provide convenient access to news highlights right on your lock screen making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in just minutes per day. And yet, some may consider the option to disable Glance if they find it more distracting than engaging, informational and helpful. 

Now let’s look at a few potential reasons you may want to disable Glance.

Why Disable Glance?

Here are some common arguments for the decision to disable Glance feature:

It’s a distraction: It’s understandable why some people would find Glance distracting and would want to disable Glance. Having random pictures and stuff constantly on your lock screen can be distracting. The endless stream of information may tempt you to keep checking your phone.

Privacy concerns: To personalise your feed, Glance collects data on your usage and interests which raises some privacy questions. This could also be a big reason for you to disable Glance from your phones. 

Cluttered display: If you prefer a clean, clutter-free lock screen, it’s understandable that you might want to disable Glance. the Glance updates may seem cluttered or noisy. 

But before you rush to disable Glance because of the arguments above, you should read the blog further and see for yourself how these concerns are not true and how with a little customisation you can align the Glance feature with your preferences. Just read more and who knows, the options might actually surprise you!

Should You Disable Glance?

Before deciding to disable glance, consider what would be lost by shutting off this useful feature. Glance provides some major benefits that improve convenience and awareness.

Convenient news access: Glance puts bite-sized headlines right on your lock screen so you can stay updated with barely any effort. And if you disable Glance, it means losing this convenient access to digestible news that you might take for granted. 

Customisable categories: Tailor Glance by toggling news categories on/off and rearranging their order. Customise Glance in such a way that it focuses on your interests. If you disable Glance, you’ll be back to your default lock screen and looking at something boring every time you wake up your phone. 

Sparks conversations: Chatting about trending topics seen on Glance is an easy conversation starter. If you disable Glance you’ll miss out on this relevant fodder about current events, celebrity gossip, sports stats, and more that you can use to enhance your social interactions. 

Prevents isolation: Scanning recent headlines daily prevents you from feeling disconnected or blindsided by major events. If you disable Glance you might end up feeling disconnected and unintentionally ignorant of major events. 

Time saver: Glance feature summarises need-to-know news in just minutes so you don’t get sucked into article rabbit holes. Quick and efficient! If you disable Glance you will forfeit this high timesaving efficiency around absorbing daily news. 

Glance Feature Pros You Must Know Before You Disable Glance

Before deciding for sure if you want to disable Glance or not, make sure to weigh its useful benefits too:

  • News in bite sizes for easy digesting 
  • Lets you feel involved in the latest happenings
  • Conversation starters with shared topics
  • Unexpected perks like office gossip fodder
  • Highly customised to your interests
  • Saves time over individual news sites

Basically, this innovative feature aims to keep you conveniently in-the-know! And to be honest, you’ll be missing out on a lot if you actually disable Glance. 

How To Disable Glance Screen

If you still decide to disable Glance after weighing the pros and cons, here are the simple steps to disable Glance:

  1. Open Settings on your device 
  2. Tap into either the “Lock Screen” or “Display” options
  3. Scroll down and locate the “Glance” setting
  4. Tap the toggle switch off to fully disable Glance from your lock screen

Should You or Should You Not Disable Glance?

And there you have it – a full overview of whether should disable Glance or not, plus insights into the pros surrounding this modern news access tool. Evaluate whether keeping it enabled might be right for you after all. But if you still find it too distracting or irrelevant, now you know exactly how to turn off Glance! And if someday you find that it was a wrong choice to disable Glance, the Glance feature would welcome you with wide open arms. 

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