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1DAYWALL NYC is an innovative temporary wall expert in New York City that specializes in installation of temporary walls to maximize living and office spaces. Temporary walls can include the installation of a partial wall, a bookshelf wall, or a temporary pressurized wall, all of which bring a little privacy to a shared living space. 1DAYWALL NYC specializes in installation of freestanding bookcase, wardrobes, walls and partitions without using nails, screws or other fasteners that can potentially damage floors, walls and ceilings.

In a city as crowded as New York, privacy is a luxury. More than ever, having room to ourselves — ideally a real room, with walls and a door — is becoming a must. Temporary walls for apartments are fairly commonplace in NYC, especially in a shared situation when there are multiple roommates involved. Temporary walls are an efficient, relatively inexpensive solution for creating another room, whether it be for a home office or an additional bedroom. Temporary walls are also incredibly versatile, depending on what kind of space you need and the layout of your apartment. A temporary wall is all done using pressure and does not require any nails or holes drilled into the floor or the ceiling.

A temporary pressurized wall is defined as a temporary wall that goes from floor to ceiling but is not permanently affixed. Our temporary wall partitions act as pieces of furniture allowing you to create an additional room which turn out as an innovative solution approved and appreciated by landlords widely in New York. Our services are ideal for lofty spaces, galleries, offices, homes and public displays.

Our fully trained professionals will utilize their skills, experience and organization to design a wall unit or a private room that is uniquely yours. When you approach our temporary wall company New York City, you can step ahead resting assured on quality of materials and craftsmanship. We ensure that our service is fast, excellent and leaves a lasting impression eliminating the hassle of traditional remodeling.

The cost of getting a temporary or pressurized wall installed in NYC depends on a number of factors, including the size, type of wall, height, and other customizations. If you are looking for temporary wall company in New York City, do give us a call today. We look forward to serve you with complete satisfaction.

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