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If you start thinking practically then the first thing that a reader is attracted to in a book is its catchy and attractive book cover design. The next impactful thing is the book description which needs to maintain that curiosity that was evoked in readers through that book’s captivating book cover design. 

A book description is like a window into the content of the book that needs to be equally engaging and interesting for readers as the book cover. 

The best book descriptions are clear, short, and compelling and adequately highlight all the main points of the story interactively. Moreover, you can also include relevant keywords in your description for high ranking on search engines.

How To Write A Good Book Description- 7 Steps

This book description is usually found on the back cover of a book and is a summary of your content. You can get help from the best ghostwriters for hire to tackle the keyword process which will make it easier for your readers to find your book. Some of the common steps to follow are:

  1. Create A Compelling Hook

The first hook of your book description needs to be as interesting and compelling as your book cover that attracted the readers at first glance. Readers will always decide to buy a book after reading the first hook. If it is not able to hold them in for longer than your book description was probably not worth it.

  1. Keep Your Description Short

Another important step that you need to take while creating your boo description is to always keep it short and concise. A book description should be kept between 150 to 250 words and should never be more than 3 paragraphs. You should utilize this short length in a smart and clever manner. 

  1. Write In The 3rd Person POV

The third-person narrative is always a good way to write your book. This narrative can easily explain the whole scenario and the objective of your book while keeping the interest of your readers. Authors also use this only for book descriptions to tell them what the story in the book is actually about. 

  1. Accurate Use Of Keywords

SEO optimization is a powerful tool to take advantage of while creating eBooks and writing engaging book descriptions. The keywords need to be relevant and provide a solution for the problem that your readers might be searching for. Every genre will have specific keywords that are commonly used there. 

  1. Focus On The Emotional Aspect

Emotions are an influential tool in stories that ultimately decide the overall worth of a book. If your book description is successfully able to evoke some kinds of emotions in your readers like empathy, curiosity, excitement, etc. Then this means that the readers can emotionally resonate with your book. 

  1. The Correct Amount Of Hints

The amount of hints that you include in your book’s description should be adequate amount without exceeding its limits. You should never give away the conclusion or end of your book by overusing hints. Give enough amount of information to keep the readers hooked with the plot. 

Exploring Books With Highly Engaging Book Descriptions

Some of the books that are known for their interactive and compelling book descriptions in the literary world are below that can easily get help from. These are:

  • One Last Talk

One Last Talk is a self-help book written by Philip McKernan. This book was designed to help readers discover their truth and finally speak about it. 

This book targets the emotional element of readers and hooks them in from the first sentence. It dives into questions like why people should discover their truth and what it will mean for the readers and others around them.

  • The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is a fantasy novel which is written by V.E. Schwab. The description of this book depends upon an original premise with a lot of interesting plot questions.

This description explores the idea of what will you do if you lose complete memory of yourself. The second is that what if 1 person remembers you and how? These questions are a great way to evoke curiosity and compel readers to buy the book. 

  • Assembly

Assembly is a book from the genre of psychological fiction that was written by Natasha Brown. This book has a relatable description that explores the existential crisis of a black British woman.

The unique thing in this book description is the point of view that the author writes in which directly talks with the readers through relatable questions and words. This story explores how the main character is facing problems in her assembled life.


These are all the steps and examples that you need to note before creating a compelling description for the success of your book.

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