Top 5 Cold-pressed Organic Sesame Oil Brands In India: Your Guide To The Best Organic Sesame Oil

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Cold Pressed Organic Sesame oil

If there has to be one staple in Indian cuisine, then it has to be cold-pressed organic sesame oil. It is packed with nutrients and offers many health benefits, like anti-ageing properties, healing wounds, great flavour, being rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E, etc. No wonder this is a versatile oil because of its purity, flavour, health benefits, and other good properties. But to enjoy everything organic sesame oil offers, you need to pick the right brand to buy it. To solve your problems, here are the top 5 cold-pressed organic sesame oil brands:

1. Earthy Tales

Earthy Tales is one of the leading organic online stores that allows you to get your hands on organic sesame oil. The sesame oil offered by them is naturally extracted with the help of traditional wooden pressing methods. The finest sesame seeds are used to extract the oil to maintain the purity and keep side-effects at bay.

While extracting the oil, Earthy Tales ensures to maintain the antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, and other nutrients. Its cold pressed organic sesame oil with rich and nutty flavour is suitable for different cooking methods. You can use it for stir-frying, marinades, dressings, etc. The best thing about Earthy Tales is that you can organic sesame oil in 1-litre and 3-litre quantities. It is delivered at your doorstep without leaving your house. The home delivery option is available in Delhi, NCR, and pan-India. With Earthy Tales you can even get  the best groundnut oil in India and other organic oils.

2. Vedaka

Vedaka offers unadulterated sesame oil, which is all-natural. It helps increase mono-saturated fatty acids. It can be used for skin and other purposes. Plus, it is simple to store and can help with normal cholesterol levels. Vedaka has only one litre quantity of organic sesame oil.

3. Organic Tattva

The unrefined sesame oil by Organic Tattva can be the best addition to your kitchen. It does not contain synthetic pesticides, trans-fats, or chemicals. The natural flavour and aroma of it will help you enjoy your cooked meals to the fullest. Also, it can be used either for cooking or skincare. However, for healthy blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and other benefits you should use it daily.

4. Kapiva

Another brand to get your hands on the best organic sesame oil is Kapiva. The sesame oil offered by them has healthy nutrients like calcium, magnesium, etc. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, etc. The nutty flavour of it can be helpful in cooking. Also, the oil can help reduce blood sugar levels.

5. BNB virgin sesame oil

BNB offers sesame oil using the cold-pressed method. This helps in the retention of all nutrients as well as flavours. It is 100% pure and vegan, with no additives or preservatives. The oil is perfect for health-conscious people. It is suitable for versatile cooking because of its high smoke point. The quality, neutral flavour, and various health benefits of this virgin sesame oil will make you healthy and happy.


It can be tough to select the right brand for the best organic sesame oil. But with the above-mentioned brands, you can be sorted. Earthy Tales offers the best and most naturally extracted sesame oil. The traditional wood-pressed method to extract the oil makes it superior, pure, and packed with all the nutrients. It is an apt choice for different cooking methods due to it’s high smoke point. Also, Earthy Tales offers home delivery in Delhi, NCR, and pan-India. With them, you can even get the best groundnut oil in India and other organic oils.

About Earthy Tales.

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE and Pepsi alumni, Earthy Tales is NCR’s most loved community led organic food brand, which works with organic farming communities to promote natural farming and city communities to increase awareness about Clean, Chemical free food.

Deepak quit his corporate life of 20 years to make our soils and food plate free of pesticides as Earthy Tales purpose. You can read his inspiring story on: 

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