What are The Main Features of Field Employee Monitoring Software?

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What are The Main Features of Field Employee Monitoring Software?

The rise of remote work has brought about a plethora of options in field employee monitoring software solutions. However, which software to choose is still a question among various field managers. Don’t worry! We have made this task easy for you. Read this guide to explore multiple features that altogether make a good field employee monitoring software and let you: 

  • Track your field employees’ actual whereabouts, working hours, and task status. 
  • Monitor employees’ activities and progress on their individual projects. 
  • Oversee the total distance traveled by employees during their working hours. 

What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

Field employees mostly conduct their tasks from different remote locations. This stretches the gap between managers and employees. They have to rely on different mediums of communication like WhatsApp, Emails, and Spreadsheets. And all these only lead to misplaced documents and inappropriate employee tracking. 

However, the field employee tracking software provides exact information on employees’ locations. Not just locations, but these solutions also provide insight into employees’ productivity status. 

Managers use the software to monitor their field employees’ actual visits, time spent by them, and their task status. In short, they get real-time employee tracking and live workforce monitoring.

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What are the Main Features of Field Employee Monitoring Software? 

Here are the different features that you must look for in your field employee monitoring software: 

  1. Remote Attendance Marking

Your field employee tracking software is incomplete without the remote attendance marking. Ensure that it is equipped with this feature to let field employees mark their attendance from any task’s locations. Besides, it should include multiple ways to allow employees to remotely punch in/out like: 

  • Geocoded attendance marking
  • Location-based visual verification
  • Biometric app login. 

The benefits of using remote attendance marking are immense. For instance, employees aren’t required to travel to the office just to clock in and out. Managers also don’t repeat the same mundane tasks of recording employees’ presence and absence. They just access the software, and get an overview of total workforce availability. Also, generate reports on employees’ attendance to assess absenteeism trends and patterns. 

  1. Flexible Leave Module

Other than this, your field employee monitoring software also includes a flexible leave module. Using it means automating the procedure of leave requests and approval. Employees via their mobile apps, specify the day, reason, and duration of the leaves. After employees submit the leave request, managers get notifications about it. Therein, they assess and evaluate the reasons behind employees’ leaves for the final acknowledgment. 

The flexible leave module is one of the critical features of the field employee monitoring system. So, ensure that it should be there in your solution too to let your employees seamlessly apply for leaves and get acknowledgment immediately. 

  1. Expense Management

As field employees move from one location to another and on their routes, they incur various expenses, so, your field employee tracking software must have this feature too. Expense management allows you to reimburse your employees based on the expenses they have incurred during their working hours. 

The feature lets field employees upload the bills and invoices of expenses. Field managers assess those bills, thereupon they start the reimbursement procedure. Also, they examine the vitality of expenses employees made by using the distance traveled reports. To learn more about this feature and these reports, get in touch with the expert team of TrackoField. 

  1. Task and Productivity Tracking 

Now, let’s come to the next feature, it’s none other than the task and productivity tracking. To track how your employees are progressing with their current tasks, this feature is essential. Using it ensures ad-hoc task allocation, getting target vs. achievement reports, and a better insight into task progress. 

Moreover, you can also get to learn how much time an employee has been given to a certain task. This way you can assess the most productive and unproductive employees. Thus, making better schedules for them to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, target vs. achievement reports let you learn the total task completed against the task allocated. Having this feature brings a lot more benefits to your field employees’ productivity. So, ensure you have it on your software.

  1. Payroll Management

Don’t underestimate the power of payroll management when you search for your employee monitoring system. The feature auto-compiles employees’ total working hours and calculates each employee’s payouts. 

That means you don’t have to do any kind of manual calculation. All you need to do is to just run the software and it automatically brings you a clear insight into employees’ specific wages and compensation. 

To Sum it Up!

So, these are all the major components and features of the field employee tracking software that you should look for. Wondering where you can find it? Well, on TrackoField!

TrackoFied, being an all-encompassing field employee tracking software comes with all these capabilities. By running the software, you can definitely enjoy more than just real-time employee tracking. 

What else? The software has various modules like attendance & leave, expense, task, payroll, and order management systems, making field operations super smooth and efficient. 

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