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The backbone is the lifeline of your complete musculoskeletal system. This is the place that connects your brain to the rest of the body. Although this part is crucial for your existence, it is very complicated as well. Thus, back pain is the most common thing that you can have at some point in your life.

Here, we will talk about the major causes of spinal inflammation and the accompanying pain.

Reasons for back pain

The exact cause of your spine pain can only be diagnosed by an experienced doctor. Still, any of the following might be causing back pain in general.

Strain: When you overexert yourself, you end up with muscle strain. Ligaments are soft-tissue bands so they can also get strained.

Thus, your backbone pain could be stemming from muscle or ligament inflammation due to overuse or strain.

Herniation: This medical term describes the condition where an intervertebral disc has had its soft centre bulged through a break on the hard outer shell. If this change to your spinal column has happened, it can cause back pain.

Degenerative changes: Like any of the joints in a human body, spinal bones (or vertebrae) and discs also go through wear and tear over time. Thus, if you are an old person, it can also be a reason why your back aches.

Low bone mass density: Osteoporosis is a condition where your bone strength or density is low and thus they are more prone to fractures and displacements.

If you have this problem, your spinal vertebrae will be weak and easily get strained and you will suffer from chronic back pain.

Spinal fusion: To be precise, ankylosing spondylitis is the medical term that describes a spine abnormality where two bones from the spine get fused making it difficult for you to bend your spine like normal.

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What are risk factors?

The following are the factors that are associated with causing back pain problems.

Age: As you get older, most of your body parts start losing their vitality. The same is the case with your spine because of the natural degeneration process.

Sedentary Lifestyle: If you don’t exercise at all, you can develop back pain earlier than the person who does exercise regularly. Thus, lack of exercise is the most common risk factor that can be initiating your back pain.

Obesity: If you are obese, you need to pay attention to your weight as it might cause you to experience the problem of back pain early in life. Too much weight means too much strain or pressure on your spine.

Overexertion: Exercise is great, but ensure it doesn’t become an obsession. Many people overdo exercise and it causes overexertion. When this doesn’t follow with enough rest, your back pains.

Diseases: Cancer and arthritis conditions also cause back pain.

Improper lifting: Often, we have to lift objects in life. Many people end up straining their spine while weight lifting. Thus, improper lifting techniques are also a cause for back pain. 

Psychological conditions: Depression or chronic stress is also one of the causes of back pain. Thus, ensure that you don’t feel tense too much. Try to be positive as much as possible. Count on your blessings rather than shortcomings, flaws, or failures.

Smoking: This also causes spine pain as smoking is associated with putting you at a higher risk of herniation and osteoporosis.

How can you prevent back pain?

Does your back not hurt at all? It is a wonderful thing. Even a little spine injury when left unnoticed can cause a lot of trouble.

Negligence can make you more prone to developing back pain issues. Thus, ensure the following things to keep back pain at bay.

Exercise: No matter which part of your body it is, exercise is crucial as it helps develop endurance in that part.

The simple principle is as follows: the more you work out, the better you get at tolerating resistance and preventing soft tissue and bone injuries.

You can start with low-impact activities and work your way up gradually.

Muscle strength and flexibility: When your backbone is protected by enough muscle mass and flexibility, you are less likely to develop spinal pain. Thus, ensure your strength and flex your backbone muscles regularly.

Maintain a healthy weight: Avoid overeating as much as possible as it will help reduce extra pressure over your backbone.

Don’t smoke: Well, it mightn’t be a direct connection. Yet, smoking and substance abuse can cause a lot of trouble including back pain.

Calcium and Vitamin D: Eating foods rich in nutritional value is also crucial for keeping back pain away. Consume enough calcium and vitamin D for strong bones.

Protein: Ensure that you take enough of protein as it is crucial for better muscle mass and resilience. A lack of protein can thin muscle mass and strain your backbone easily causing back pain.

Vitamin C: Do you know anything about free radicals? They are harmful substances produced by the human body as byproducts after essential processes. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It helps neutralise the effect of such harmful substances or free radicals.

Thus, taking this micronutrient will help eliminate the possibility that excess free radicals in the back area are causing inflammation and thus back pain.

When to see a doctor

If your back pain is severe and it is growing out of proportion day by day, you must consult a spine doctor. Your doctor might also suggest a surgical intervention to treat your back pain like a discectomy, spinal fusion, laminectomy, etc.

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