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Cost Of Study In Ireland

As an Indian student, do you prefer world-class universities, a wide range of courses, and excellent employment opportunities compared to scenic landscapes? Ireland tops the list of most popular study destinations. Graduate programs in Ireland last only 12 months, unlike other countries’ 16-24-month programs. Due to this, it is a highly considered destination to study in Ireland from India, and it brings vast opportunities.

After choosing our destination for study, we are all concerned about the cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students. Ireland is cheaper than Western countries such as the US, UK, Australia, etc. Estimate the cost of your studies in Ireland, including living expenses, transportation, health insurance, and tuition fees. In this blog, we will discuss the Cost of Studying in Ireland, courses in Ireland for international students, and the Cheapest Universities in Ireland. So, let’s begin.

Cost of Education in Ireland

Since it is a dream for international students to study in Ireland, we have compiled a breakdown of the tuition fees of the best universities in Ireland to make their preparation more manageable. Look below at the different tuition fees in Ireland for students from abroad.

Cost of a Bachelor’s Degree in Ireland

Ireland’s tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees start at around EUR 9,850 and can go up to EUR 25,500 for specific courses. Ireland’s average tuition cost in Ireland universities for international students is approximately EUR 12,000. Most colleges, universities, and technical schools have different price structures. Researching the price structure before applying to a specific university or organization is best. The cost of tuition varies depending on the course you choose to enroll in.

Cost of a Post-Graduation Degree in Ireland

It is an excellent option for students to choose Ireland universities for a master’s in any academic subject due to its high quality of higher education and deep love and respect for knowledge. The tuition fees for a master’s in Ireland for Indian students range between EUR 9,500 and EUR 35,000. Irish universities rank in the top 3 percent of international universities, and Irish research in 18 academic disciplines is among the top 1 percent. Students must pay for exams in Ireland colleges for masters if they study for an MA.

However, a student is responsible for pursuing an MS. Some colleges have fixed costs for materials, while others expect students to pay. In Ireland, a master’s program includes tuition and living costs.

Cost of Ph.D. in Ireland

The curricula of each college are different. The tuition costs may be affected by the popularity and reputation of the university, your choice of full-time or part-time PhD study in Ireland, your chosen field of studies, and even your nationality. Studying in Ireland for international students is expensive as they need to pay up to 2-3 times more in tuition than local students outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. The individual higher education institutions of Ireland determine fees for PhDs. The typical cost is between 5,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR per year.

Tuition Fee in Ireland – By Course

Here is a table with average costs per year according to subjects and level of education. To know accurate knowledge about costs, contact best study abroad consultants in Chennai, India.

Subject AreaUndergraduate FeePost-Graduate Fee
Medicine and Health Sciences€39,500- €55,000€9,950 – €34,500
Engineering€9,850 – €25,500€9,950 – €25,000
Science & Technology€9,850 – €25,500€9,950 – €27,000
Arts & Humanities€9,850 – €19,500€9,950 – €19,000
Business€9,850 – €19,500€10,000 – €30,000

Student Visa Cost

You must apply for the correct student visa to start your education in Ireland. Check the Naturalisation and Immigration Service Website to learn more about the Irish Student Visa and start the online application using the AVATS Online Application Facility. You can choose between type D or C visas depending on the length of your program.

1. Ireland C-: This visa is for students pursuing a study program less than three months long. This visa is not extended, so it is essential to ensure that you apply for a valid visa covering your entire stay.

2. Ireland D-: A study visa is required for programs lasting over three months.
The cost for both types is the same, around EUR60 (equivalent to INR 5,500) for a single entry. EUR100 (equivalent to INR 9,050) for multiple entries.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Ireland may be expensive, but Irish educational institutions, charitable organizations, and the Irish government offer many scholarships for students to study there. They can help reduce the cost of studying in Ireland. The criteria for determining eligibility or the awarding of these scholarships is determined by the organization that offers them. You can get more scholarship information by contacting the institutions or organizations that provide them.

These are some Ireland scholarships for international students:

  1. Government of Ireland Scholarships
  2. DIT Centenary Programme
  3. Scholarships at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
  4. National College of Ireland Scholarships
  5. NUI Galway International Scholarships
  6. DCU International Student Awards
  7. Maynooth University Scholarships
  8. UCD Scholarships
  9. Scholarships for Smurfit Business School
  10. University of Limerick scholarships
  11. Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
  12. Waterford Institute of Technology Scholarships


Studying in Ireland for Indian students is budget-friendly and convenient, as numerous part-time employment options exist. It is home to world-class universities with exceptional courses. International students can also find excellent employment opportunities in the country. Ireland is a destination that students are highly interested in for education abroad. The country offers a high-quality education at a lower cost than many other countries.

The cost of schooling in Ireland is dependent on several factors. Irish educational institutions are known for their discipline and carefully considered teaching strategies. The nation is also a top site for research and study in cutting-edge technologies. Students who have received their education at these prestigious schools can choose from various career options. Otherwise, those who want to leverage this opportunity can contact the best study-abroad consultants in Chennai.

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