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Now-a-days internet system is available on figure tip of people, so they prefer online to engage with website rather than visiting to the store physically. At this moment website chatbot can really help you to engage your customers or visitors on your online platform. This tool of chatbot can be used to answer all their quick questions and it can guide the users with the process of making various moves like purchase, sales, selection, upgrading account and many more. 

As we know the technology keeps upgrading, devising new and better all the time keeps improving, So the chatbot technology is now the best option for interacting with customers and it never stops upgrading it-self. From this upgradation in technology customer may not have to wait for a long time to get back the response of dropped messages and emails. On the other side the customer has no need wait ling in line to interact with the live agents because the chatbot can handle a huge traffic at once. 

  • The smart pre-trained chatbot for website are programmed interfaces which are mainly designed to interact with the users who visit your website for their needs and requirements. The chatbot can perform human like performance and mimic human behaviour so that understand user’s behaviour and conversational manner. 
  • The chatbot can conduct their conversation through online platform such as website, web application, WhatsApp, and messaging platforms. The way of communication can be conducted in text or text-to-speech instead of interaction with live agents.  
  • The chatbot is designed to interact with multiple numbers of users at once, they are programmed with huge numbers of questions and proper responses in it, along with that if any new question arrives it analyse over it and respond back and keeps the record for future. 

The way website chatbot works: 

Request Analysis: – At very first when a user engages with chatbot, the chatbot analyses the request of that customer and finds the proper answer to get delivered. Before sending the response, it understands it and the software has its complex algorithm through which it compares the keyword from the track record or database. Once it gets the proper answer it returns to response. 

Back to Respond: – It must deliver an appropriate answer to the user, so for that the chatbot evaluate all the pre-programmed answers which has been already created in its database. From their it pick-up the correct one and gets back to the customer to response. After that the data of that user and all the conversation gets stored in the backend for future interaction. 

Why is it required? 

  1. Increases traffic  
  1. Gives face to your brand 
  1. Instant Response and Availability 
  1. Revenue Gets Increase 
  1. Customer Behaviour Insights 

Businesses are adopting chatbot for their website to deliver their best to their customers while it is not easy, or we can say not possible for human agent to deliver the best to the customer all the time. It is required to have chatbot for the website for many reasons some of important reasons are shown above, it also helps to increase the productivity, branding, marketing, advertising through online platforms. 

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