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As a smartphone user, I’m always looking for little ways to customise and personalise my device to make it feel more like my own. One fun way I like to do this is by changing my lock screen wallpaper now and then. Recently, I stumbled upon a feature called Glance Wallpaper Carousel, and it has quickly become my absolute favourite. I believe it is the best lock screen wallpaper feature out there.

In this post, I’ll explain exactly why Glance Wallpaper Carousel tops my list when it comes to the best lock screen wallpaper features. From the huge variety of high-quality wallpapers to the Glance games and rotating wallpaper carousel, there are just so many cool features that keep my lock screen feeling fresh and personalised. I highly recommend giving Glance Wallpaper Carousel a try. It has truly taken my lock screen to the next level!

Why I Love the Variety of Glance Wallpapers Carousel

One of the best things about Glance as the best lock screen wallpaper is the sheer variety of wallpaper designs and styles it offers. No matter what my mood is or what my current interests are, I can always find a great Glance wallpaper carousel to match it.

For instance, I’m a huge fan of nature and landscape photography. This best lock screen wallpaper has tonnes of vibrant wallpapers in this category, from stunning beach scenes to epic mountain vistas. I’ll often rotate between an album of my favourite nature wallpapers from Glance. 

When I feel like some armchair travel, Glance Wallpaper Carousel has no shortage of wallpapers featuring famous sites and cities around the world. I’ll put up the best lock screen wallpapers of places I want to visit, like Paris or Tokyo, to satisfy my wanderlust for the time being. The photos are so immersive that I feel transported when I glance at my lock screen. 

Beyond travel and nature, Glance, the best lock screen wallpaper feature, has a collection for just about any interest you can think of. They have inspirational quotes, artistic designs, pop culture characters, space images, abstract patterns, and so much more. 

Around Christmas time, I loaded up my Glance wallpaper carousel (more on that later) with beautiful holiday scenes featuring the best lock screen wallpapers. And I always make sure to have some fun, colourful glance games ready to go for the start of spring. No matter what style I’m feeling that day, I can always find a gorgeous, high-quality wallpaper thanks to Glance’s incredible selection of the best lock screen wallpapers. 

Glance Games Offer Interactive Fun

As if the awesome wallpaper selection wasn’t enough, this best lock screen wallpaper feature takes the lock screen experience to another level. The Glance games are perfect for those little pockets of downtime when you’re waiting in line or have a few minutes to kill. Just wake up your phone, and you can tap to play one of the Glance games right on top of your wallpaper.

Some of my favourites of Glance games so far are classics like Solitaire, Super Cricket, and Om Nom Run. I never get bored thanks to a steady rotation of new Glance games being added as well.

Playing the Glance games helps me earn badges over time which I can show in the community and play bigger challenges as well. It’s a nice little reward just for interacting with my best lock screen wallpaper! Having Glance games integrated directly into the lock screen adds an extra level of interactivity and entertainment I don’t get from regular old static wallpapers.

Glance Wallpaper Carousel Keeps Things Fresh

Another reason why I believe Glance is the best lock screen wallpaper is the rotating wallpaper carousel feature. It lets me select my own wallpaper mix and that automatically cycles through your favourite Glance wallpapers on my lock screen throughout the day. I have my carousel set to change to the best lock screen wallpaper at every 4th wallpaper. This means that nearly every time I wake up my phone, I’m greeted with some of the best lock screen wallpapers, but every 4th of that wallpaper would be the one selected from my gallery.

Right now, I have about 12 best lock screen wallpapers wallpapers in my Glance wallpaper carousel, along with some cool abstract designs. The Glance wallpaper carousel is customisable too. I can add or remove wallpapers from the rotation as I please to curate it to my liking. 

For example, around the holidays, I packed it with festive holiday wallpapers featuring my best lock screen wallpapers. No matter what wallpapers I include, the Glance wallpaper carousel keeps my lock screen feeling updated and dynamic. The surprise of seeing which wallpaper appears next never gets old. Thanks to the Glance wallpaper carousel, I don’t have to actively change my wallpaper for variety. The automated rotating system and Glance games ensure my lock screen is always fresh and engaging.


In my experience, Glance stands head and shoulders above the competition as the best lock screen wallpaper feature. The massive library of some of the best lock screen wallpapers includes gorgeous, high-quality wallpapers that let me customise my smartphone’s look to match my ever-changing tastes and moods. 

Beyond just wallpapers, Glance also elevates the lock screen experience by integrating fun, interactive Glance games playable right from the lock screen. The rotating Glance wallpaper carousel feature keeps things dynamic by automatically cycling through my favourite backgrounds throughout the day. 

For these reasons, Glance, the best lock screen wallpaper has become my go-to app for spicing up my lock screen with a little more personality and flair. The variety of wallpapers, Glance games, and Glance wallpaper carousel create a lively, engaging lock screen experience that makes me excited to glance at my phone. This best lock screen wallpaper feature is pre-installed on some of the top smartphone brands in India. For instance, Samsunsung, Realme, Oppo, etc. 

Give Glance, the best lock screen wallpaper feature, a try, and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear about your favourite wallpapers and gaming experiences with Glance. 

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